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Dream Boy Trailer (2015)

06 April 2015

You never know where you might find the boy of your dreams. He could be your driver, who pulls over and whips out his hard cock to give you a different kind of ride.

Helix Academy Trailer (2013)

22 September 2013

The finest boys in America travel across the country to enroll at Helix Academy for it’s rich fraternal traditions, wholesome student body and classic Prep School education.

1313: Haunted Frat Trailer (2011)

02 August 2011

During Spring Break, a fraternity built atop the burned ruins of an insane asylum is haunted by a sinister visitor.

Boy Stories Trailer (2014)

23 June 2014

Every boy has a story. From the twink cousins who sneak away at family reunions to indulge in some hard fucking and forbidden love to a blue collar boy willing to give up his ass for a job, these sexy stories come packed with throbbing cocks and unforgettable cum shots.

Young Lust Trailer (2014)

08 December 2014

Young Lust is a fiery and uncontrollable craving, an appetite to touch and devour every inch of smooth skin.

More Twink 3 Ways Trailer (2016)

15 March 2016

The boys of Helix Studios are back at it again and good things come in three's in this brand new installment of triple fucking dick sucking three way action! One bone just isn't enough for these hard & horny packs of pups and they're all riled up & ready to get down! Join us for a "menage a twink" battle royal of big boners & beautiful behinds as we prove that for the young, hung & full of cum, the more truly is the merrier.

Bareback Boys 2 Trailer (2014)

24 November 2014

The Bareback Boys are back to give Max Carter a dose of double dicks in a jaw dropping twink DP while new cummers Dustin Gold & Damien Wolfe cut class to fuck the day away in their hard pounding debut.

Luke & Jessie's Twinkmas Trailer (2013)

02 December 2013

Boys love their toys and at this Twinkmas Party everyone gets to give and receive! Christian begins the festivities by loosening up Jessie’s tight hole for seasonal stuffing while Hayden gives Luke and Ezra his hung stocking to play with.

Sex, Lies & a Briefcase Trailer (2012)

10 October 2012

This is a story of seven gorgeous boys who unwittingly get involved in a dangerous transaction. A briefcase loaded with cash is the center of four hardcore fuck sessions.

Helix Academy Extra Credit Trailer (2015)

26 October 2015

Summer's nearly over and it's time once again to check in on our favorite smooth & sexy student bodies over in the horny halls of Helix Academy.

Big Dick Bareback Trailer (2015)

18 May 2015

Calling all size queens, big dick worshipers, and hung-hungry pole-chasers! If you enjoy nothing more than colossal-sized cocks making raw, deep impact inside ready and willing bubble butts, lube up and get ready to be totally overwhelmed.

Slumber Party Boys 2 Trailer (2012)

14 March 2012

A fresh new litter of school boys are back for another sleepover, and this time there’s no shame. Any group of boys can get experimental during a slumber party, but ours get downright hardcore.

Dirty Blonds Trailer (2015)

26 August 2015

Blonds come in all shades and sizes. This film highlights one particular variety: the young, hung, and full of cum.

First Time 3 Trailer (2013)

21 October 2013

Get an intimate look inside the innocent virginal minds of four hot teenage boys as they recall all the expectation and excitement of getting their cherries popped.

1313: Actor Slash Model Trailer (2011)

01 September 2011

An embittered actor decides it's time to slash a few models after losing a life-changing role to some guy who looks good with his shirt off.

Bareback Twink Laundry Day (Helix Studios) Trailer (2014)

11 September 2014

It's laundry day for Luke Allen and Jessie Montgomery and that means catching up on chores and looking for other multitasking twinks to drop a dirty load inside.

Boy Next Door Trailer (2015)

23 April 2015

The boy next door is the one you’ll always dream about. He gave you your first kiss, confided in you his deepest secrets, showed you unforgettable new experiences, and made you feel wild, out of control, and free.

Night of Passion Trailer (2013)

16 June 2013

In the heat of the night these horny boys all crave one thing... Roman Daniels! When the clock strikes midnight these boys want to fuck and boy do they fuck! Roman takes pleasure in sliding his huge 9 inch cock into several smooth boy holes and when he needs a break he is eager to take a cock or two himself.

Twink Vacation: Palm Springs Part 1 Trailer (2011)

27 December 2011

We've raised the twink sex bar with a fresh batch of barely 18 year old boys and a breathtaking new hardcore twink series.

Go Big or Go Home Trailer (2012)

08 April 2012

The jocks fucking twinks movie thats got everyone buzzing is finally here! Little Luke Allen and young, cock hungry Blake Carnage are the rookie wrestlers who take it big for the team.

Max and Kyle's House Party Trailer (2013)

02 April 2013

Gorgeous young boyfriends Max Carter and Kyle Ross are celebrating warmer days with their hottest new friends.

Helix RealCam: Intimate Encounters Trailer (2014)

29 September 2014

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the bedroom of a hot twink hook-up? Helix Studios strokes your voyeuristic desires like never before with our exclusive Real Cam™ filming.

Boy Stories 2 Trailer (2014)

22 December 2014

What happens when ordinary everyday situations take a turn and lead to mind-blowing, ass-pounding sex? Join us for the second installment of Boy Stories.

Jock Tops Twink Bottoms Trailer (2014)

03 November 2014

Helix’s best jock tops choose their favorite twink bottoms for six scenes of powerful and relentless pounding.

Jocks Fucking Twinks Trailer (2012)

29 February 2012

Three hung college jocks take on three of our hottest twinks including two 8teenboy exclusives, the sex crazed blond, Kyle Ross and the adorable Luke Allen.

Beach Bums Trailer (2012)

19 December 2012

Bring back the sexy, beautiful days and gorgeous young boys of summer with this stunning 8teenboy release.

Bad Boy Trailer (2014)

28 July 2014

It’s good to be bad when you’re a naughty boy in the hands of Helix. The award winning twink fetish studio brings you a new batch of filthy fantasies as the boys explore kink, fetish and bondage with their sexy smooth skinned friends.

Runaway Lovers Trailer (2012)

18 July 2012

This is a tale of teenage runaways with nothing to lose and nothing to offer but their tender young holes.

First Time Remembered Volume 2 Trailer (2013)

20 May 2013

Do you remember your first time? More of our hottest Helix Boys recall their first teenage escapades of cherry popping experiences including intimate confessionals and boner-afide reenactments.

The Big Sneaky Fuckfest Trailer (2012)

26 September 2012

Watch what a group of horny college jocks and twinks do when they take over a weird Uncle's house equipped with creepy decor and furniture and a secret glory hole in the yard.

California Boys Trailer (2013)

12 August 2013

The summer sunshine is here and that means it’s open season on fucking California’s hottest tanned twinks!

No Strings Attached Trailer (2013)

27 February 2013

It's easy to find hot, anonymous, raw sex hookups online. Jasper Robinson and Luke Allen have themselves a deviant sexual weekend with anonymous group sex and boy breeding.

1313: Wicked Stepbrother Trailer (2011)

01 October 2011

Jarrod is horrified to learn that a faceless killer is celebrating his birthday by filling his mansion with the corpses of his closest friends.

Fratboy Layovers Trailer (2012)

21 March 2012

Paul Pratt leads a cast of newbie jet set college boys who end up making the most out of a flight delay.

Twink Vacation: Palm Springs Part 2 Trailer (2012)

24 January 2012

The desert is hotter than ever when these twinks arrive for the second installment of the Twink Vacation series.

Boarding School Twinks Trailer (2012)

06 June 2012

Parents have no idea what goes on behind closed doors at this "prestigious academy" they send their boys to.