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A Grain of Truth Trailer (2015)

09 January 2015

A big shot prosecutor Teodor Szacki divorces his wife and leaves Warsaw to “start a new life” in picturesque town in south­east Poland ­ Sandomierz.

Gods Trailer (2014)

10 October 2014

Set in communist Poland of the 80s the movie depicts early career of cardio surgeon Zbigniew Religa.

Ostra Randka Trailer (2013)

30 August 2013

After a quarrel with her boyfriend Goshia is kidnapped by a dangerous criminal. She will have to fight for his life.

The Mole Trailer (2011)

05 August 2011

Pawel, a Polish man in his early 30s, makes a living with his father Zygmunt importing second-hand clothing from the North of France to Southern Poland.

Dublerzy Trailer (2006)

14 June 2006

A couple of friends, Max and Leo spend some time in Sicily, the island that is associated with mafia.