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Twin Brothers Trailer (2011)

30 December 2011

Gustav and Oskar are twins. Oskar has Achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism. Both have blue eyes and blonde hair.

Bananas!* Trailer (2009)

09 October 2009

Juan “Accidentes” Dominguez is on his biggest case ever. On behalf of twelve Nicaraguan banana workers he is tackling Dole Food in a ground-breaking legal battle for their use of a banned pesticide that was known by the company to cause sterility.

Inden For Mine Øjne Trailer (2006)

10 November 2006

Katja aged 16 and Cathrine aged 8 both have a unique relationship to music, to nature and to sensation in general.

Med ret til at dræbe Trailer (2003)

28 October 2003

This 2003 documentary looks at the Danish resistance movement's execution of 400 informers during the Nazi occupation -- and the ensuing cover-up.