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Our Universe 3D Trailer (2013)

06 August 2013

A documentary film using high quality stereoscopic 3D and exploring the secrets of our universe. All imagery is based on actual NASA data and astronomical research.

The Commander Trailer (1988)

28 April 1988

Lewis Collins is back to leading mercenaries on the move in Southeast Asia. This time the cast is unusually good including Lee Van Cleef, Brett Halsey (Cop Game), Romano Puppo (Robowar), Mike Monty (Raiders of Atlantis), Bobby Rhodes (The Great Alligator), etc.

The Polar Bear Trailer (1998)

12 November 1998

Four characters become involved in one dramatic story: Nico has a mission to drive a car containing a live bomb to a specified destination, park the car and escape as quickly as she can.

Lena Rais Trailer (1979)

18 September 1979

Terror Stalks the Class Reunion Trailer (1992)

12 June 1992

A beautiful young detective goes to the rescue of a teacher kidnapped by a former student.

Nervenkrieg Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Germanikus Trailer (2004)

26 March 2004

No overview found.

Commando Leopard Trailer (1985)

24 October 1985

A cruel dictator rules a Latin American state. Corruption, brutality and exploitation are present every day.

Code Name : Wild Geese Trailer (1984)

05 October 1984

Commander Robin Wesley, leader of a group of mercenaries, go to the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia to overthrow the dictator, who is a major manufacturer and dealer of the world's opium.

Der Tourist Trailer (1996)

07 May 1996

Cobra Mission Trailer (1986)

31 July 1986

Ten years after the end of the war in Vietnam, four ex-Marines decide to return to S.E. Asia to investigate reports of American POWs still being held there.

Ossi’s Eleven Trailer (2008)

28 February 2008

No overview found.

Didi - Der Doppelgänger Trailer (1984)

17 February 1984

A wealthy businessman and the owner of a rundown pub share one thing in common - they look like identical twins! When the businessman hears of a plot against him, he hires the pub owner as a decoy.

The Officer Factory Trailer (1989)

12 January 1989

Officers aren't born—they're carefully molded. In Nazi Germany this training took place in a horrific "factory, " where the men received both military and ideological indoctrination, preparing them to fight successfully for the fatherland.

Der eiserne Gustav Trailer (1979)

26 August 1979

Mutter mit 16 Trailer (1992)

11 October 1992

Starke Zeiten Trailer (1988)

12 May 1988

The film consists of several small episodes that take place in and around Munich.

Überfall in Glasgow Trailer (1981)

05 January 1981

Gesucht wird Ricki Forster Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

Non Stop Trouble with Spies Trailer (1983)

18 February 1983

Herbie Melbourne is a poor schlemiel who is inadvertently caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea in this German farce about a cab driver assigned to bring a "comrade" back to the East German side of the Berlin wall, a passenger who is dead to the world, permanently, when he arrives.

Hexenschuß Trailer (1987)

22 March 1987

Die beiden Freundinnen Trailer (1978)

09 April 1978

Wolfsfährte Trailer (2010)

29 October 2010

The Saint: Wrong Number Trailer (1989)

11 September 1989

Soon after checking into his usual suite at a luxury hotel in West Berlin, Simon answers a phone call not meant for him.

Ach du lieber Harry Trailer (1981)

26 February 1981

Vicky und Nicky Trailer (1987)

16 March 1987

A movie directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb.

Der Kuss des Killers Trailer (1998)

23 September 1998

Eine Frau für gewisse Stunden Trailer (1985)

01 March 1985

Going Public Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000


Kartoffeln mit Stippe Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Zwölfeläuten Trailer (2001)

21 October 2001

No overview found.

Tote sterben niemals aus Trailer (1996)

25 March 1996

Drunter und drüber Trailer (1990)

11 February 1990

A comedy directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb.

Herzlos Trailer (1999)

08 February 1999

Am Ende die Wahrheit Trailer (2002)

15 October 2002

Einmal Ku’damm und zurück Trailer (1985)

18 January 1985

Der Runner Trailer (2000)

12 October 2000

Post Mortem - Der Nuttenmörder Trailer (1997)

29 April 1997

Bleib doch zum Frühstück Trailer (1975)

01 August 1975

Der Tod in deinen Augen Trailer (1999)

16 March 1999

Verschollen in Thailand Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Mrs. Harris - Der geschmuggelte Henry Trailer (1987)

02 February 1987

Alles im Eimer Trailer (1981)

23 July 1981

The unsuccessful inventor Leo Bergert is the awkwardness in person: Everything he tackles goes wrong.

Killer kennen keine Furcht Trailer (1989)

08 October 1989

A crime comedy directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb.

Rotlicht Trailer (1993)

15 March 1993

A crime movie directed by Michael Lähn.

Love Living, Live Loving Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

The gentle inhabitants of a quaint Berlin apartment house, damaged by the Second World War but possessing an elegance of its own, love the place where they live, with its motto Liebe das Leben-Lebe das Lieben (Love Living, Live Loving) emblazoned above the door.

Die Stunde des Löwen Trailer (1982)

18 April 1982

Onkel & Co Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

Bühne frei für Kolowitz Trailer (1980)

26 May 1980

Schwarzer Lohn und weiße Weste Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

Heroin 4 Trailer (1978)

24 September 1978