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Thai: มานพ อัศวเทพ

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King Naresuan Trailer (2007)

18 January 2007

The film concerns the life of King Naresuan, who liberated the Siamese from the control of Burma. Born in 1555, he was taken to Burma as a child hostage; there he became acquainted with sword fighting and became a threat to the Burmese empire.

Muen and Rid Trailer (1994)

12 March 1994

The true story of Muen, a Thai woman living in the 1800s under the rule of King Mongkut. At that time, women had no rights.

Kama Trailer (1978)

01 July 1978

A teenage schoolgirl, the daughter of a sex star, is friends with an eccentric artist. Their friendship however is misunderstood by people around them.

Narok Tarutao Trailer (1976)

30 January 1976

Tarutao Island is Thailand's version of Alcatraz. This jailbreak movie centers on the elaborate schemes of the beleaguered inmates, assisted by some of the native women, to flee the island prison to get their freedom of the mainland.

Raiders Of The Doomed Kingdom Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

A band of Thai mercenaries embark on one last mission to save a general after the Fall of Saigon. Posing as Chinese Red Guard, they infiltrate a compound and regain the general only to be given chase.

Gold Raiders Trailer (1984)

25 May 1984

An SOS message is sent out when a plane carrying gold worth $200 million dollars belonging to the free world is brought down somewhere in Thailand, and Robert Ginty is called upon to team up with his old flame Claudia Dubois.

The Sin Trailer (1972)

28 December 1972

A woman is stranded on a remote island after a shipwreck, where she is rescued by a lonely man who hasn't had contact with any woman for years and forces her to have a relationship with him.