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¿Qué te ha dado esa mujer? Trailer (1951)

20 December 1951

This musical comedy tells the story of two men whose friendship (whose beginning is told in "A toda máquina") is affected by assumptions love triangles and misunderstandings between the two, however, the value of that friendship overcomes all difficulties.

Illusion Travels by Streetcar Trailer (1954)

01 January 1954

Confronted with the unfortunate news that their favorite Streetcar, no. 133, is going to be decommissioned, two Municipal Transit workers get drunk and decide to "take 'er for one last spin," as it were.

Una estrella y dos estrellados Trailer (1960)

03 August 1960

In his eagerness, to be movie extras, Tin Tan and his carnal Marcelo police get into trouble, among other entanglements.

¡Por mis... pistolas! Trailer (1968)

21 August 1968

Fidencio Borer (Cantinflas) an apothecary in a village on the northern border of Mexico discovers some old title of a mine in Arizona and decides to claim them.

El hombre de papel Trailer (1963)

05 October 1963

A deaf and mute vagabond finds a large denomination bill in a Mexico City dump, and while he tries to buy something with it, others try to con him into giving it away.

Tlayucan Trailer (1962)

27 December 1962

Desperate for the illness of his son, the farmer steals a pearl Eufemio image of St. Lucia in the village church.

La Cucaracha Trailer (1959)

12 November 1959

The Cucaracha is a brave woman soldier who leads a group of similar women into the fray against the forces of the Villa colonel, Zeta.

Rossana Trailer (1953)

08 June 1953

The title of this grim Emilio Fernandez-directed character study translates to The Net. On the lam from the police, Antonio (Crox Alvaredo) and Jose Luis (Armando Sylvestre) find refuge in a friendly seaside village.

Neutron vs. Dr. Caronte Trailer (1963)

15 February 1963

Neutron, a superhero/wrestler, goes up against a mad scientist and his army of monsters.

Pancho López Trailer (1957)

08 February 1957

A couple of people cover up their own mishandling of other people's money by claiming to have been robbed by a masked bandit.

Nostradamus and the Destroyer of Monsters Trailer (1962)

13 April 1962

No overview found.

Guitarras de medianoche Trailer (1958)

21 May 1958

Wealthy land-owner poses as a bandit, robbing only his own properties, to get the romantic attention of a woman who lives down the road.

No me defiendas compadre Trailer (1949)

29 October 1949

A bungling wannabe-lawyer keeps interfering in his friend's lives; his desire to help always makes things worse.

The Infernal Coffin Trailer (1962)

05 January 1962

An obscure old dark house horror melodrama from Mexico. Based on the novel "El fistol del diablo" by Manuel Payno.

Los paquetes de Paquita Trailer (1955)

04 February 1955

Maid tries to smooth over the difficulties in her employers' marriage while juggling five or six potential boyfriends of her own.

Frente al destino Trailer (1964)

17 June 1964

La bienamada Trailer (1951)

13 September 1951

Civic-minded elementary-school teacher marries and sets up home with wife and her little brother. The-e-n.

El fugitivo Trailer (1966)

03 February 1966

Drifter returns to his home town for revenge, but he get caught up in the town's interpersonal dramas.

El hombre del alazán Trailer (1959)

29 September 1959

Professional gambler is getting old and jaded; his friends see him becoming a bad person and try to set him on a better path.

The Blood of Nostradamus Trailer (1961)

01 January 1961

No overview found.

Los tigres del ring Trailer (1960)

30 March 1960

Crooked promoter has a secret weapon who goes around beating fighters to death after their matches if they aren't in line with his rigging schedule.

Cinco en la cárcel Trailer (1968)

05 December 1968

Five criminals are arrested after a bank-robbery. One escapes, and the police officer in charge of transporting them arrests a new person at random to cover up for his negligence.

La diligencia de la muerte Trailer (1959)

17 July 1959

Law officer goes undercover as member of gang of murderous highwaymen.

Préstame tu cuerpo Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

Heaven Can Wait scenario; a young woman dies forty years ahead of schedule because her guardian angel made a mistake.

Nostradamus, el Genio de las Tinieblas Trailer (1962)

14 December 1962

No overview found.

Corazón de niño Trailer (1963)

17 July 1963

Teacher and his pupils in small-town Mexico.

El jinete solitario en el valle de los buitres Trailer (1958)

11 December 1958

Masked hero on horseback. One in a series.

La máscara de jade Trailer (1963)

25 October 1963

Jungle adventure about the search for a lost treasure.

El látigo negro Trailer (1958)

19 June 1958

Zorro imitation, first in a series.

Maldita ciudad (un drama cómico) Trailer (1954)

28 February 1954

Doctor and his family move to Mexico City, everybody falls into corrupt Big City lifestyles. Or do they?