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Decalogue I. Trailer (1989)

05 September 1989

Krzysztof, a semantics professor and computer hobbyist, is raising his young son, Paweł, to look to science for answers, while Irena, Paweł’s aunt, lives a life rooted in faith.

Smolensk Trailer (2016)

09 September 2016

Inspired by true events of 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash in Smolensk, the film tells the partially fictional story of crash and various people affected by the tragedy.

The Magnate Trailer (1987)

21 December 1987

This Polish historical drama film traces the fascinating saga of a wealthy, princely Polish dynasty in years 1900-1935.

Jeniec Europy Trailer (1989)

29 September 1989

Miasto z morza Trailer (2009)

09 October 2009

The Swing Trailer (2010)

17 September 2010

35-year-old Michal has a beautiful wife Anna and daughter Justine. It does not bother him, however, fall in love with a sensual and rebellious Carolina.

History of Cinema in Popielawy Trailer (1998)

01 November 1998

The story is narrated by ten-year old Staszek, who writes in his diary about his school-friend Jozef.

Private Town Trailer (1994)

06 October 1994

Małe prowincjonalne miasteczko koło Warszawy rządzone jest przez lokalną mafię. Brutalne napady, zuchwałe kradzieże są na porządku dziennym.

Truants Trailer (1989)

14 December 1989

In the country reformatory school both the teacher and the children are trapped by the circumstances.

Wyjście awaryjne Trailer (1982)

25 December 1982