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Razend Trailer (2011)

12 October 2011

Sven (15) will be director and has been busy filming. He films his friends, especially those to do free running and put the videos on YouTube.

Regret Trailer (2013)

18 June 2013

Jochem is the target of bullying. David does not participate, but he dares intervene. The class teacher also does not engage.

Prey Trailer (2016)

13 October 2016

A Lion Terrorizes the City of Amsterdam.

Peter Bell Trailer (2002)

17 November 2002

Peter is a cheerful, but not a very obedient boy who is growing In a very ordinary Dutch family. His pranks amuse some and cause a lot of trouble to others.

Sonny Boy Trailer (2011)

27 January 2011

Waldemar Nods, a young man from Suriname, meets the older Dutch woman Rika van der Lans and they fall in love.

Painkillers Trailer (2014)

25 September 2014

Casper (Gijs Blom) has never met his father and lives alone with his mother Marit (Birgit Schuurman)¶

Kappen! Trailer (2016)

15 December 2016

When a boy is framed after an act of senseless violence by his friends, they turn against him for trying to tell the truth.

Timboektoe Trailer (2007)

04 October 2007

De ouders van Isa en haar oudere broer Kars gooien het roer om en beginnen een camping in Frankrijk. Isa en Kars hebben het gevoel naar Timboektoe te verhuizen en alles te verliezen.

Afblijven Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

Melissa is een meisje van 15 dat niets liever doet dan dansen. Haar ouders denken dat ze lessen in klassiek ballet volgt maar eenmaal op de dansschool stort ze zich vol overgave op de hiphop danslessen.

Mike Says Goodbye! Trailer (2012)

12 December 2012

After bouncing back from leukemia, 10-year-old Mike is ready to leave the hospital, but his mother never arrives to take him home.

Peter Bell II: The Hunt for the Czar Crown Trailer (2003)

18 December 2003

Rascally Pietje and his Black Hand gang tangle with villain Stark as he and two cronies scheme to steal a priceless royal crown.

Little Crumb Trailer (1999)

22 December 1999

The film is based on the popular Dutch childrens book by Chris van Abkoude. In a Dutch port in 1921 lives a 10-year-old orphan boy known to everyone simply as Little Crumb (Ruud Feltkamp).

The Conductor Trailer (2018)

25 October 2018

Radeloos Trailer (2008)

02 October 2008

In Radeloos heeft Yara al een poosje een oogje op Paco, die bij haar op school zit en als DJ plaatjes draait op feesten.

The Purse Snatcher Trailer (1995)

06 April 1995

Alex is very close to his elderly grandmother partly because his busy parents seem to have little or no time for him.

Lover of Loser Trailer (2009)

23 September 2009