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Wallander - The Troubled Man Trailer (2013)

11 January 2013

Wallander has become a grandfather and is trying to seize the role as good as it goes, because he wants to be closer to his daughter Linda and her family.

Hot Dog Trailer (2002)

27 March 2002

22-years old Josephine has moved from Stockholm to Malmö in the south of Sweden after her mother's death.

Rabalder i Ramlösa Trailer (2009)

02 December 2009

Wallander 22 - Dödsängeln Trailer (2010)

20 January 2010

Wallander 09 - Täckmanteln Trailer (2006)

19 July 2006

Wallander - The Secret Trailer (2006)

10 November 2006

Eleven-year-old Johannes is found dead in a barn after he has been sexually abused. Lindman is charged with telling the father, whom he knows from a local shooting club, but is taken off the case for previous unprofessional contact and pursues his own investigations.

Lusten till ett liv Trailer (1999)

01 April 1999

The rise and fall of the "progg"-band "Verket".