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The High School Student in the Repeating Class Trailer (1978)

10 August 1978

Angela is torn between two lovers - one, who tries to romance her in a straightforward manner, and the other who pretends to be severely injured in a car accident.

School Teacher in College Trailer (1978)

01 March 1978

Edwige Fenech stars in this Italian sex-comedy as the new teacher in all-boys Catholic school. All of the boys desire for the chance to "learn" more about their new teacher, but only 1 student gets the opportunity.

The Nurse in the Military Madhouse Trailer (1979)

27 November 1979

A story about a singer/showgirl who poses as a nurse to recover some stolen paintings, which for some reason are hidden in a military insane asylum.

Ubalda, All Naked and Warm Trailer (1972)

12 October 1972

During the Middle Ages, a clumsy knight returns home where his wife awaits him. Sensuous and beautiful, she has attracted several male admirers during his absence, but her chastity belt has maintained her faithfulness.

Il vizio di famiglia Trailer (1975)

07 October 1975

When Giacomo D'Amato is released from jail he is immediately employed by Magda, in a plot to secure her the heritage of the count.

Satiricosissimo Trailer (1970)

21 January 1970

Si Ringrazia La Regione Puglia Per Averci Fornito I Milanesi Trailer (1982)

29 December 1982

Naughty Nun Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

To spite her father, a young woman enters a convent. However, the woman's old boyfriend shows up and tries to win her back.

How to Seduce Your Teacher Trailer (1979)

13 March 1979

There's a new girl in school, Angela, the Headmaster's neice. Every male will try to seduce her, even her uncle.

Classe Mista Trailer (1976)

11 August 1976

The Repeating Student Winked at Dean Trailer (1980)

14 August 1980

Rich girl Angela returns to school and falls for the local hunk. But when he refuses her advances, she pretends to be in love with the principal instead.

Patroclooo!... e il soldato Camillone, grande grosso e frescone Trailer (1973)

30 December 1973

Night Nurse Trailer (1979)

07 February 1979

A dentist invites a elderly patient to stay at his home to recover, unaware that he is a jewel thief.

Il sergente Rompiglioni diventa... caporale Trailer (1975)

01 July 1975

Pierino torna a scuola Trailer (1990)

09 March 1990

Continuavano a chiamarli i due piloti più matti del mondo Trailer (1975)

17 January 1975

Carabinieri si nasce Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

The Alcove Trailer (1985)

21 January 1985

In 1936 Italy, Elio returns home from Africa with a present for his wife in the form of Zerbal (Laura Gemser), the daughter of a tribal king.

La prof d'éducation sexuelle Trailer (1981)

30 June 1981

The Honorable with His Lover under the Bed Trailer (1981)

13 August 1981

An unemployed teacher asks for help from her lover, an MP, and finds out that he is married.

La compagna di banco Trailer (1977)

12 August 1977

For the Love of Poppea Trailer (1977)

12 August 1977

Two scoundrels - Tizio and Caio - didn't want to get into the military service so they decide to escape dressed in women's clothes, but were caught by the guards.

La segretaria privata di mio padre Trailer (1976)

29 December 1976

The Commendatore Ponziani Armando, the owner of a thriving chemical industry, lives in a beautiful villa on Lake Como with his wife and his son Franco Ersilia.

La settimana bianca Trailer (1980)

03 September 1980

Il sogno di Zorro Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

I due assi del guantone Trailer (1971)

02 December 1971

I Due Maghi Del Pallone Trailer (1971)

01 January 1971

Zingara Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

Il vostro super agente Flit Trailer (1966)

10 September 1966

Eurospy movie.

A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof Trailer (1968)

14 August 1968

The bandit Pratt, looking for Tim, who is responsible for the death of his two sons, attacks a caravan killing all the passengers.

Il Figlioccio del padrino Trailer (1973)

01 February 1973

Chiavi in mano Trailer (1996)

26 April 1996

Una Vacanza Del Cactus Trailer (1981)

15 August 1981

I ragazzi di Bandiera Gialla Trailer (1968)

01 February 1968

Neapolitan Boy in New York Trailer (1984)

20 November 1984

The Winsome Widow Trailer (1973)

12 August 1973

After the death of the Savior for a rich husband, car accident, the beautiful wife Catherine is preparing to collect the enormous legacy but because the deceased has not made a will and when he was alive was sterile, his wife’s legacy will benefit only if, within three hundred days established by law, will give birth to a son.

La settimana al mare Trailer (1981)

05 March 1981

On holiday with his son, a father discover he is not so timid.

Fotoromanzo Trailer (1986)

06 August 1986

Mazzabubù... quante corna stanno quaggiù? Trailer (1971)

25 February 1971

L'affittacamere Trailer (1976)

15 August 1976

A cute girl inherits a mansion with her sister that they will use as a hotel.

Ma che musica maestro Trailer (1971)

05 April 1971

Un jeans e una maglietta Trailer (1983)

07 August 1983

Il sommergibile più pazzo del mondo Trailer (1982)

13 August 1982

Furto di sera bel colpo si spera Trailer (1973)

01 January 1973

La discoteca Trailer (1983)

05 May 1983

Popcorn e patatine Trailer (1985)

31 January 1985

L'infermiera Di Notte Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979