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The Mistress Trailer (2006)

07 August 2006

Ruža left Serbia, her country, over 30 years ago and lives in Zurich. Her daily life is a string of repetitive moments until, one day, Ana arrives on the scene and upsets Ruža's painstakingly organized world.

Die Notlüge Trailer (2017)

01 August 2017

Gruber is leaving Trailer (2015)

27 January 2015

John Gruber is in his mid thirties, an egocentric, living life in the fast lane and sparing no expense.

The Fatherless Trailer (2011)

08 April 2011

They never expected Kyra to turn up again. The two brothers and their sister, brought together when their father dies, are stunned by the appearance of their sister.

Was hat uns bloß so ruiniert Trailer (2016)

23 September 2016

Cure: The Life of Another Trailer (2014)

16 August 2014

Teens Linda and Eta are inseparable friends, though they have plenty of disagreements, but one horrific argument has unexpected consequences.