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Schwestern Trailer (2013)

13 June 2013

The happening of a ceremonial robing of the youngest daughter as a novice in a Swabian convent screws up the values of a modern family.

Amnesia Trailer (2015)

19 August 2015

Schroeder returns with this cross-generational relationship drama set against Europe’s electronic music scene.

Bright Nights Trailer (2017)

13 February 2017

A father tries to rekindle his relationship with his son after years of absence and lack of communication.

Neben der Spur - Dein Wille geschehe Trailer (2017)

06 February 2017

Wer's glaubt wird selig Trailer (2012)

16 August 2012

The snow is staying away from the Bavarian ski village of Haunzenberg, and so are the skiers. Business is failing and so is Georg's relationship with Emilie.

Mutter reicht's jetzt Trailer (2016)

28 November 2016

The Divine Order Trailer (2017)

19 January 2017

Fictional feature film about the introduction of women's suffrage in Switzerland.

Schubert in Love Trailer (2016)

08 December 2016

Olaf tries to make his dreams reality and thereby always gets into trouble with his surroundings. He meets his biggest obstacle yet when his father pressures him into having a child.

Die Toten vom Bodensee Trailer (2014)

03 November 2014

The Circle Trailer (2014)

18 September 2014

Zürich in the mid 50‘s: The young shy teacher Ernst Ostertag becomes a member of the gay organisation DER KREIS.

Three Quarter Moon Trailer (2011)

13 October 2011

Hartmut Mackowiak, a German taxi driver, tries to help 6 year old Turkish girl to find her mother.

Neben der Spur - Todeswunsch Trailer (2016)

01 January 2016

Was weg is, is weg Trailer (2012)

21 March 2012

Hunkeler und die Augen des Ödipus Trailer (2012)

16 July 2012

Die Standesbeamtin Trailer (2009)

09 March 2009

Rahel Hubli is employed as a civil registrar. She hasn't believed in the so-called "love of her life" in ages.