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Gaz de France Trailer (2016)

13 January 2016

In 2020, the greatest minds in France gather at the President’s home in order to save the country from catastrophe.

Suzanne Trailer (2013)

17 December 2013

The story of a destiny. Suzanne's and her family's. The ties that bind them, keep them together, and the love she pursues.

This Summer Feeling Trailer (2015)

11 October 2015

Sasha, a French woman of thirty, dies suddenly in Berlin. Her Fiancé, Lawrence, and her sister Zoé, must come to terms as the consequences of this shock set in.

Mercuriales Trailer (2014)

26 November 2014

This story takes place in a far distant time, a time of violence. All throughout Europe, a war was spreading.

Manuel de survie d'un combattant Trailer (2016)

01 November 2016

Short version of Charaf's feature debut.

Après Trailer (2016)

16 June 2016

Hani returns to his village in Lebanon, which he finds deserted and hostile. In this country, the end of the road for lost souls, Hani must learn to live again.

Memory Lane Trailer (2010)

24 November 2010

August in Paris' suburbs, 7 friends are gathered to spend a week in the city where they grew up. The city is empty and the days pass by under a deep blue sky.

Love Like Poison Trailer (2010)

08 April 2010

Anna, a young teenager, comes home from her Catholic boarding school for the holidays and discovers her father has left.

La leçon de guitare Trailer (2006)

01 February 2006

A man with nothing to do all day decides to take guitar lessons. He falls for his music teacher’s flatmate who flirts with him slightly and even has the same name as the Serge Gainsbourg chanson he’s struggling to learn “Laetitia”.