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Marilou Berry (born 1 February 1983 in Paris) is a French actress.

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Josephine, Pregnant & Fabulous Trailer (2016)

10 February 2016

At last, Josephine has found her perfect non-smoker-cat-loving-amazing-cook-perfect-man-soulmate. They’ve been in love for two years and everything is peachy.

Look at Me Trailer (2004)

18 November 2004

This is the story of human beings who know exactly what they'd do if they were somebody else, but can't handle being themselves very well, who are very simply struggling to find out who they are.

Sous le même toit Trailer (2017)

19 April 2017

Josephine Trailer (2013)

19 June 2013

A new French comedy starring Marilou Berry as the titular character.

Those Happy Days Trailer (2006)

28 June 2006

Set in 1992, a manager Vincent has to run a children's holiday camp for three weeks and to face the unexpected concerning the place, his colleagues, various problems linked to children about the rooms, trips, their belongings.

Ugly Melanie Trailer (2008)

12 November 2008

They call her ugly. She's gonna act ugly.

Queens of the Ring Trailer (2013)

02 July 2013

More than anything, 30-year-old Rose longs to be reunited with Mickaël, her estranged 11-year-old son who has been placed with a foster family and blames his mother for their long separation.

La Croisière Trailer (2011)

17 August 2011

Valentin Valentin Trailer (2015)

07 January 2015

In a small Parisian building, a diverse group of people crosses paths, likes and observes each other, without always seeing each other.

Les Nouvelles Aventures de Cendrillon Trailer (2017)

18 October 2017

Merlin - L'enchanteur désenchanté Trailer (2012)

05 November 2012

La volière aux enfants Trailer (2006)

03 October 2006

A movie inspired by the life of Marie Pape-Carpantier.

Merlin: Le secret de Brocéliande Trailer (2012)

15 June 2012

La Première Fois que j'ai eu 20 ans Trailer (2004)

06 October 2004