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Marilyn Jess was born on October 26, 1959 as Dominique Troyes. She is an actress, known for Emmanuelle IV (1984) and Langues profondes (1978). She is married to Didier Philippe-Gérard. They have two children.

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Emmanuelle 4 Trailer (1984)

15 February 1984

In order to escape from her former lover Marc, Sylvia goes to Brazil where Dr. Santamo transforms her into the beautiful Emmanuelle.

Charlotte, mouille sa culotte! Trailer (1981)

06 May 1981

Charlotte (Julia Perrin) wants to inherit her father Georges' (Étienne Jaumillot) estate, but she must get her stepmother Lisette (Sophie Guers) in trouble with father first, by tempting her into affairs with a variety of partners.

French Sex Lessons Trailer (1980)

28 October 1980

Brigitte Lahaie plays the Madame of a brothel who is busted by a sincere cop. He makes some sly remark about getting out of the brothel business and setting up a school, so guess what?

Traci, I Love You Trailer (1987)

29 January 1987

A glamour photographer helps Traci understand her sexuality.

St. Tropez Trailer (1982)

17 January 1982

Marilyn Jess goes on holiday to St Tropez with her friend Mika Barthel. They meet a group of people making a porn film and Marilyn gets filmed having sex in the changing rooms of a tennsi club and at a party, among other places.

Legends Deluxe Anthology Trailer (2010)

12 January 2010

Extases très particulières Trailer (1981)

15 July 1981

Every day "Mom" goes to work, leaving her daughter to organize her day. While "Mom" knows a life of turpitude, depravity and debauchery of all kinds because it is in a very private hostess club, her daughter tastes the sexual freedoms of the permissive society of her time.

Let the Corpses Tan Trailer (2017)

01 January 2017

Every summer, Luce, an eccentric 50-something painter, spends her time in a small and isolated township, which lies in ruins in southern France, surrounded by guests.

Grand Prixxx Trailer (1987)

26 March 1987

Diamond Baby Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

Porn-classic about cunning diamond-thief Laurent who fell out with his partner and is trying to get the deal done on his own.

Sweet Dreams Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

A playboy seduces a lovely young girl in a cafe even though her fiance is there. Later he meets her at her place where he throws her on the sofa and forces her to perform his wildest fantasies!

James Bande contre O.S.Sex 69 Trailer (1986)

01 April 1986

Ecstasy, Inc. Trailer (1981)

14 September 1981

Professor Rasputin and his wife Dr. Christina run a special clinic to help those suffering from sexual problems.

La Femme objet Trailer (1981)

07 January 1981

Lust Italian Style Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

When Frank, John Leslie, returns to his native Italy for a family funeral, he's in for a fiery sexual adventure that's spicier than Sicilian lasagna! First, his sexy cousin Louisa, French sex-superstar Marilyn Jess, gives him a carnal comforting.

Dans la chaleur de St-Tropez Trailer (1982)

17 January 1982

An Erotic Journal of a Lady from Thailand Trailer (1980)

09 July 1980

A fashion photographer and his French models travel to Bangkok.

Adorable Lola Trailer (1981)

01 July 1981

As an expensive call girl prepares to receive her next client, she reflects on her life and how she got into "the business".

Bourgeoises mais... perverses! Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

The plot involves some sort of business rivalry between a rich man with two daughters and Tina Loren.

Bon chic, bon genre, mais... salopes!! Trailer (1983)

21 September 1983

Ghislain and his sister Aurore will receive a large inheritance from their recently deceased uncle Edouard only if they can prove their moral rectitude.

Trois lycéennes à Paris Trailer (1979)

21 November 1979

Her parents throw a birthday party for her, but most of the guests are middle-aged, and she feels left out at her own party, until Marbeuf persuades her to join in the dancing, during which she displays an impressive cleavage while her mother looks on disapprovingly.

Sens interdits Trailer (1985)

02 June 1985

Initiation d'une jeune marquise Trailer (1989)

20 February 1989

The Marquis and Marquise de Debaise seek to marry their daughter Angélique to a rich party which would save them from ruin.

Intim Kontakt Privat Trailer (1985)

12 January 1985

Body-body à Bangkok Trailer (1980)

16 July 1980

Body-body à Bangkok featuring Brigitte Lahaie

jolies petites garces Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Marie salope Trailer (1979)

30 May 1979

Surprised in unequivocal position the teenager (Marilyn Jess) is sent in boarding school. Of course the place turns out to be the worst of the lupanars and the pinnacle is reached with the fetes of end of school years .