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Don’t Swallow My Heart, Alligator Girl Trailer (2017)

22 January 2017

The border between Brazil and Paraguay: living on opposite sides of a big river, Brazilian boy Joca falls in love with indigenous-Paraguayan girl Basano.

The Death of J.P. Cuenca Trailer (2016)

30 June 2016

In 2008, a corpse identified by the police with the birth certificate of the writer João Paulo Cuenca was found in an occupied building in Lapa.

Swirl Trailer (2011)

14 September 2011

Bastu's grandchildren and friends help her pick up the strands of her life after her husband dies.

The Joy Trailer (2010)

24 May 2010

Joy is a fable about courage and youth. It tells the story of Luiza, 16 year old girl, who can not stand to hear about the end of the world… On a Christmas night, his cousin John is mysteriously shot in a street in the Lowlands and disappears into the night.

Neverquiet – Film of Wonders Trailer (2011)

02 February 2011

An experimental collective film lasting little more than an hour, compiled from 10 episodes by a total of 14 different young Brazilian filmmakers.

The Scape of the Monkey Woman Trailer (2009)

14 July 2009

Two girls star in this musical drama amazing road! A van, a beach, a reed, very homesick, girls in flower perched at gas stations … and a little music.