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Scanners II: The New Order Trailer (1991)

28 June 1991

A scanner discovers a plot by renegade elements in the city government to take power with the help of evil scanners.

Scanners III: The Takeover Trailer (1992)

31 January 1992

A young female scanner turns from a sweet young thing into a murderous, power-crazed villain after she takes an experimental drug developed by her father.

Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534 Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Having taken the blame for an accident beyond his control, pilot Mike Hogan has been on administrative leave indefinitely; however when the airline is desperately short of staff, he is offered to be first officer and accepts, without enthusiasm, received with disdain by the well-connected commander.

A Cry in the Night Trailer (1992)

17 September 1992

A divorced mother suspects that she and her two children may be in danger because of her insanely jed

Back Stab Trailer (1990)

03 October 1990

A man is seduced by a stranger and awakens to a corpse.

George's Island Trailer (1989)

15 August 1989

This is a tale about two children who are put in a foster home, and then on Halloween they breakout and are rescued by their eccentric grandfather who is in a Halloween costume of an eyeball.

Eno Trailer (1973)

01 January 1973

A short documentary about musician Brian Eno, shortly after his departure from Roxy Music.