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Forbidden Planet Trailer (1956)

15 March 1956

Captain Adams and the crew of the Starship C57D fly towards planet Altair 4 in search for the Bellerphon spaceship that has been missing for twenty years.

Hell-Bent for Election Trailer (1944)

01 July 1944

A full-blown re-election piece for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the expense of Republican presidential candidate Thomas Dewey.

Dead Reckoning Trailer (1947)

16 January 1947

Paratroopers Captain 'Rip' Murdock and Sergeant Johnny Drake are mysteriously ordered to travel to Washington, DC.

The Deadly Mantis Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

The calving of an Arctic iceberg releases a giant praying mantis, trapped in suspended animation since prehistoric times.

John Hus Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

A faithful recounting of the ministry, trial and martyrdom of the fifteenth century Bohemian priest John Hus, who built on the reforms of John Wycliffe, taught the Bible in the vernacular and who influenced Martin Luther a century later.

Deadline at Dawn Trailer (1946)

03 April 1946

A young Navy sailor has one night to find out why a woman was killed and he ended up with a bag of money after a drinking blackout.

Forbidden Trailer (1953)

02 December 1953

Forbidden bears traces of several earlier film noirs, with Tony Curtis filling the shoes vacated by the likes of Alan Ladd, Dick Powell and Robert Mitchum.

Scratch A Tiger Trailer (1970)

28 January 1970

The Aardvark is hungry. He spots an anthill. Inside is the Ant. It seems that dinner is for sure. One problem: the Ant has a friend who owes him a favor.

Jivaro Trailer (1954)

12 February 1954

At Rio Galdez's remote Brazilian trading post live assorted outcast Americans and Europeans, including Jerry Russell, ex-engineer who became obsessed with the Jivaro headhunters' treasure, quit his job, and took up with the bottle and local girl Maroa.

The Phantom Planet Trailer (1961)

13 December 1961

After an invisible asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet's exotic atmosphere.

Without Reservations Trailer (1946)

13 May 1946

Kit Madden is traveling to Hollywood, where her best-selling novel is to be filmed. Aboard the train, she encounters Marines Rusty and Dink, who don't know she is the author of the famous book, and who don't think much of the ideas it proposes.

Gerald McBoing-Boing Trailer (1950)

02 November 1950

The story of a little boy who would only talk in sound effects. With story by Dr. Seuss (and Bill Scott of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame) this cartoon won the Oscar for best short subject (animated) for 1950.

Just Before Dawn Trailer (1946)

07 March 1946

In the 7th film of the "Crime Doctor" series based on the radio program, Dr. Robert Ordway is summoned to take attend a diabetic, and gives an injection of insulin taken from a bottle in the patient's pocket.

Intrigue Trailer (1947)

06 December 1947

Dishonorably discharged from the Army Air Corps, Brad Dunham (George Raft) disconsolately decides to try his luck with Shanghai's postwar black market.

Red Planet Mars Trailer (1952)

15 May 1952

Husband-and-wife scientists (Peter Graves, Andrea King) pick up a pie-in-the-sky TV message supposedly from Mars.

Robin Goodhood Trailer (1970)

09 September 1970

Roland is "Roland Hood" and takes money from the evil tax-collector (Rattfink) to give to the poor. Rattfink however has other ideas.

The Brasher Doubloon Trailer (1947)

06 February 1947

Mrs. Elizabeth Bright Murdock hires Marlowe to find an old rare coin, the Brasher Doubloon, that belonged in her deceased husband's collection.

The Sexpert Trailer (1972)

01 February 1972

Can any man be a great lover? Does every man possess a "special something that makes him irresistible to women?" That’s the question answered in this crackpot flick from the depths of ’70s Soft-X Smut as it follows the unlikeliest candidate for super-stud the world has ever seen: Finster Fahrquart, The Sexpert.

The Shanghai Story Trailer (1954)

01 September 1954

Director Frank Lloyd's 1954 melodrama, about an American doctor and other foreigners held captive at a Shanghai hotel, stars Edmond O'Brien and Ruth Roman.

The Oompahs Trailer (1952)

24 January 1952

A family of musical instruments, the Oompahs. Conflict strikes when the son wants to hang out with his rebellious friends, going against his traditionally-based family structure.

The Phantom Thief Trailer (1946)

02 May 1946

Boston Blackie, in the 11th film of the Columbia series, indulges in some wit-trading with a squirmy spiritualist who deals in blackmail, murder and the occult.

Kiss Daddy Goodbye Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

Two children who have psychic powers use them to avenge the death of their father, who was murdered by a biker gang.

Peking Express Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

A group of refugees fleeing Chinese Communist rule via train are beset by a gang of terrifying outlaws.

The Corpse Came C.O.D. Trailer (1947)

02 June 1947

Rival reporters (George Brent, Joan Blondell) investigate a Hollywood star (Adele Jergens) and the box she receives with a dead man inside.

The Golden Horde Trailer (1951)

30 September 1951

The Princess of Samarkand and an English knight confront the armies of Genghis Khan.

The Froggy Froggy Duo Trailer (1970)

14 March 1970

While Pancho and El Toro are vacationing in Acapulco, a nearby hotel cook is desperate to find some frog legs to cook for the visiting French ambassador.

Johnny Angel Trailer (1945)

24 October 1945

George Raft plays a sailor who sets out to solve his father's mysterious death.

Smuggler's Island Trailer (1951)

18 May 1951

An adventurer about to lose his sloop and diving equipment agrees to dive for illegal gold.

French Freud Trailer (1969)

22 January 1969

Inspector Clouseau has feelings of vulnerability and what he fears may be paranoia after he is assigned to guard a priceless jewel.

Carte Blanched Trailer (1969)

14 May 1969

On his day off work, Inspector Clouseau goes grocery shopping. On leaving the store, he thoughtlessly takes his shopping cart with him and is chided by a narrator for having committed theft and broken the law! Clouseau tries to return the cart to the store but sees a policeman on patrol and, spooked, runs in the opposite direction with the cart.

Hong Kong Trailer (1952)

18 April 1952

American adventurer Jeff Williams is fleeing the communist advance in China when he becomes entangled with a young Chinese orphan, Wei Lin, and a beautiful Red Cross volunteer, who arranges for their harrowing escape to Hong Kong.

Macabro Trailer (1966)

30 November 1966

Documentary showcasing various strange practices around the world, including tribal circumcision ceremonies, male Japanese geishas and headhunting Indian tribes in the Brazilian jungles.

Off Limits Trailer (1952)

30 December 1952

Wally Hogan has things going his way. He is the manager-trainer of Bullet Bradley, a fighter who has just won the lightweight championship.

Christopher Crumpet Trailer (1953)

25 June 1953

Through drawings, an illustrator tells his dog the story of a boy named Christopher Crumpet. Christopher can at will change himself from a little boy into a chicken.

Blood of the Iron Maiden Trailer (1970)

01 April 1970

An actress gets the lead in a movie, not aware that the director specializes in nudies and intends to use drugs on her during the filming.

Malamondo Trailer (1964)

04 July 1964

This documentary looks at strange behaviors and practices in Europe, including nude skiing in Switzerland, hot-butchering in Italy, and an orgy in a graveyard.

Suddenly, Love Trailer (1978)

04 December 1978

Despite their different backgrounds working class Regina Malloy and wealthy Jack Graham fall in love leading to marriage and the birth of a son.

Gerald McBoing! Boing! on Planet Moo Trailer (1956)

09 February 1956

While meeting a new friend, Gerald is abducted by aliens and whisked to the planet Moo. The king of Moo mistakenly thinks that all Earthlings - like Gerald - speak only in sound effects, and he attempts to converse with Gerald.

Bear De Guerre Trailer (1968)

25 April 1968

On a hunting vacation, Inspector Clouseau mistakenly keeps shooting a bad-tempered bear instead of the quail he's after which results in painful lessons learned by the Inspector.

Our Mr. Sun Trailer (1956)

19 November 1956

One entry in a series of films produced to make science accessible to the masses—especially children—this film describes the sun in scientific but entertaining terms.

King Dinosaur Trailer (1955)

17 July 1955

Four astronauts in 1960 travel to a planet called Nova that has just entered Earth's solar system. The crew begins to study the planet to see if it's able to withstand a possible Earth colony.

La Feet's Defeat Trailer (1968)

24 July 1968

The Surete Commissioner assigns Inspector Clouseau and Sergeant Deux-Deux to the hazardous task of pursuing a criminal named Muddy La Feet, who leaves behind a trail of muddy footprints that lead Clouseau and Deux-Deux through a mine field and to a castle surrounded by an alligator-filled moat and sealed by an electrified door.

Les Miserobots Trailer (1968)

20 March 1968

Inspector Clouseau's job is declared obsolete by the Surete Commissioner due to a highly advanced robot that can do detective work more efficiently.

Le Great Dane Robbery Trailer (1968)

07 July 1968

Inspector Clouseau must delay his long-awaited vacation on the Surete Commissioner's order that he obtain a nationally sensitive document from a safe on an estate guarded by a dedicated and aggressive canine.

Le Cop on Le Rocks Trailer (1967)

03 July 1967

Mistaken for a bank robbing lookalike, The Inspector is sent to prison and his efforts to escape prove a hopeless challenge.

Tour de Farce Trailer (1967)

25 October 1967

Inspector Clouseau is stranded on a deserted island with a vicious criminal, whom Clouseau had been assigned to transport to the prison on Devil's Island.

Le Pig-Al Patrol Trailer (1967)

24 May 1967

Inspector Clouseau pursues a thieving motorcycle gang led by one Pig-Al. Pig-Al and his criminal cohorts reach their headquarters at the top of a steep hill, which Pig-Al covers with grease so that Clouseau cannot easily ascend to reach them.

Your Safety First Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

An animated film about the development of the automobile from the perspective of futuristic consumers.

Time Stood Still Trailer (1956)

20 April 1956

Oscar nominated short film from 1956

Transylvania Mania Trailer (1968)

25 March 1968

In Transylvania, a vampire scientist and his oafish assistant want a brain to transplant into a robot, and when Inspector Clouseau arrives at their castle asking for directions, they decide to use his brain.

How Now Boing Boing Trailer (1954)

08 September 1954

Gerald's parents, frustrated at his inability to talk, call in various experts (including the world's greatest voice professor) to teach their boy to speak in words instead of sound effects.

Cherche Le Phantom Trailer (1968)

13 June 1968

Inspector Clouseau and Sergeant Deux-Deux are assigned by the Surete Commissioner to investigate reports of a phantom presence at the Paris Opera House and after a series of misadventures there, they learn that the mysterious "Phantom" is a playful ape who enjoys opera music.

His Mother Marveled Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

This is the Christmas story about Jesus' birth up to the time His worried mother, The Virgin Mary, goes looking for Him when He lingers behind at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Gerald McBoing-Boing's Symphony Trailer (1953)

04 July 1953

Gerald McBoing Boing, a little boy who can't talk but can imitate any sound, is working as a one-man sound effects department for a radio station.

Ballet-Oop Trailer (1954)

11 February 1954

Dance teacher Miss Placement is dismayed to learn that the head of the School of Ballet where she teaches has entered her beginners class in a contest just three weeks away.

Le Bowser Bagger Trailer (1967)

30 May 1967

The French Surete experiments with the use of dogs as partners to its police officers, and Inspector Clouseau is paired with a scrappy canine given the name of Private Bowser.

Pierre and Cottage Cheese Trailer (1969)

26 February 1969

The Inspector tries to arrest a crook in hideout with the "help" of a robot's advice.

Hell Squad Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

In order to rescue the son of a diplomat who has been kidnapped by terrorists, a group of Las Vegas showgirls undergo commando training and organize a rescue operation.

Pink-In Trailer (1971)

20 October 1971

The Pink Panther reads some old letters from his army friend Loud-Mouth Louie.