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Masaki Kobayashi (February 14, 1916–October 4, 1996) was a Japanese director. Among his films is Kwaidan (1965), a collection of four ghost stories drawn from the book by Lafcadio Hearn, each of which has a surprise ending. Kobayashi also directed The Human Condition, a trilogy on the effects of World War II on a Japanese pacifist and socialist. The total length of the films is over 9 hours. Other notable films include Harakiri (1962) and Samurai Rebellion (1967). Harakiri won him an award at the 1963 Cannes Film Festival, solidifying his place in the history of cinema. In 1969, he was a member of the jury at the 19th Berlin International Film Festival. He was also a candidate for directing the Japanese sequences for Tora! Tora! Tora!, once Akira Kurosawa left the film. But instead Kinji Fukasaku and Toshio Masuda were chosen. Kobayashi, himself a pacifist, was drafted into the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II, but refused to fight and refused promotion to a rank higher than private.

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Harakiri Trailer (1962)

15 September 1962

Peace in 17th-century Japan causes the Shogunate's breakup of warrior clans, throwing thousands of samurai out of work and into poverty.

Kwaidan Trailer (1964)

29 December 1964

This is the film adaptation of four stories from the book "Kwaidan: Stories and studies of strange things" by Lafcadio Hearn and is actually a collection of Japanese ghost stories, taken from various sources, some even stemming from China.

The Human Condition I: No Greater Love Trailer (1959)

15 January 1959

The Human Condition is a Japanese epic film trilogy made between 1959 and 1961. The trilogy follows the life of Kaji, a Japanese pacifist and socialist, as he tries to survive in the fascist and oppressive world of WWII-era Japan.

Samurai Rebellion Trailer (1967)

27 May 1967

The mother of a feudal lord's only heir is kidnapped away from her husband by the lord. The husband and his samurai father must decide whether to accept the unjust decision, or risk death to get her back.

The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer Trailer (1961)

28 January 1961

The Japanese forces having been shattered, Kaji and some comrades embark on an epic journey on foot southward to where Kaji hopes to rejoin Michiko.

The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity Trailer (1959)

20 November 1959

Kaji, having lost his exemption from military service by protecting Chinese prisoners from unjust punishment, has now been conscripted into the Japanese Kwantung Army.

Dora-heita Trailer (2000)

13 May 2000

A new magistrate in the town of Horisoto—widely reputed to be the most lawless township in Japan, uses guile and his opponents' own misperceptions and prejudices to defeat his enemies and uproot corruption.

Carmen Comes Home Trailer (1951)

21 March 1951

A girl who'd left her hometown for the exciting adventure of the big city returns home years later for a visit, soon somehow causing scandal.

Inn of Evil Trailer (1971)

11 September 1971

The story takes place in feudal Japan, when any commerce with the rest of the world was strictly prohibited.

Broken Drum Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

When the future of his construction company falls into danger, a controlling father pushes his children into unsatisfying marraiges and careers in order to regain financial stability.

The Inheritance Trailer (1962)

16 February 1962

On his deathbed, a wealthy businessman announces that his fortune is to be split equally among his three illegitimate children, whose whereabouts are unknown to his family and colleagues.

Black River Trailer (1957)

23 October 1957

The story follows a university student who moves into an apartment building and becomes involved with a waitress.

Beautiful Days Trailer (1955)

25 May 1955

Masaki Kobayashi directs this romantic drama concerning a family of florists.

Hymn to a Tired Man Trailer (1968)

08 June 1968

Zensaku, middle-aged and deaf in one ear, learns that his son's fallen for the daughter of a war officer responsible for the maiming.

Fountainhead Trailer (1956)

26 February 1956

A botanist woos the secretary of an industrialist whose company threatens the local water supply.

I Will Buy You Trailer (1956)

21 November 1956

A talent scout moves sharply, dead-set on signing a promising athlete to the team the Toyko Flowers.

Apostasy Trailer (1948)

30 November 1948

A teacher at a Japanese school tries to hide his outcast upbringing.

The Yotsuda Phantom, Part 1 Trailer (1949)

05 July 1949

Iemon Tamiya is an impoverished masterless samurai who craves a better life, which he cannot have because of his marriage to Oiwa, who is completely devoted to her husband.

Somewhere Under the Broad Sky Trailer (1954)

23 November 1954

This drama of middle-class life in postwar Japan tells the story lower-middle-class workers in the city of Kawasaki, and their troubles and travails.

Family Without a Dinner Table Trailer (1985)

01 November 1985

This gripping docudrama is a fictionalized account of what could happen to a Japanese family when one of their sons shames them in front of the entire nation.

The Thick-Walled Room Trailer (1956)

31 October 1956

A group of rank-and-file Japanese soldiers are jailed for crimes against humanity, themselves victims of a nation refusing to bear its burdens as a whole.

The Portrait Trailer (1948)

03 August 1948

The mistress of a crook real estate broker comes to terms with her soulless existence after an artist paints her portrait.

Youth of the Son Trailer (1952)

25 June 1952

The story of a father and two teenaged sons, and the rivalry between the two siblings as they begin to discover the attraction of girls.

Sincere Heart Trailer (1953)

29 January 1953

A young student falls into a hopeless romantic attraction to an invalid girl whom he can only see from afar.

Mittsu No Ai Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

The Fossil Trailer (1975)

04 October 1975

This drama is adapted from a Japanese television mini-series. In the story, an industrialist learns of a medical condition which will greatly shorten his life.

Tokyo Trial Trailer (1983)

04 June 1983

One of the major documentaries on a specific chapter in modern Japanese history, this look at the trial of Japanese militarists accused of war crimes is excellently handled by director Masaki Kobayashi.

Glowing Autumn Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A very beautiful Japanese woman is in love with Persian carpets. She is being chased by lecherous Saburi Shin and a handsome young photographer.