Masatoshi Matsuo

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Pulse Trailer (2001)

10 February 2001

After one of their friends commits suicide, strange things begin happening to a group of young Tokyo residents.

The World Sinks Except Japan Trailer (2006)

02 September 2006

In the year 2011 the greatest tectonic disaster in the history of mankind has occurred. As a result of the catastrophic earthquakes North and South America, Eurasia, Africa and Australia have sunken underwater while the Japanese islands remain untouched.

Tomie: Replay Trailer (2000)

11 February 2000

A young girl is hospitalized. When an ultrasound examination reveals that something is moving inside her, a surgeon operates.

Across a Gold Prairie Trailer (1999)

31 October 1999

Meet NIPPORI Ayumu, an 80 year-old man, who, due to a serious heart condition, has spent sixty years of his life confined to his house.

Embalming Trailer (1999)

30 July 1999

Young female embalmer Miyako is called in to restore the body of a young man who has committed suicide, before the funeral.