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We Accept Miracles Trailer (2015)

02 January 2015

Fulvio is the only one of the three brothers to have left the village to go to work in the city. Deputy chief of staff in a large company, he dismisses people without remorse until he gets fired himself and after being jailed for beating his superior, is entrusted to his brother, who's a pastor in the village where they grew up.

Loose Cannons Trailer (2010)

12 February 2010

Tommaso is the youngest son of the Cantones, a large, traditional southern Italian family operating a pasta-making business since the 1960s.

A Magnificent Haunting Trailer (2012)

16 March 2012

An aspiring actor discovers that his spacious new apartment comes complete with eight friendly ghosts.

She and I Trailer (2015)

01 October 2015

Federica and Marina live together since a few years. Their love story is at turning point. When Maris

Perez. Trailer (2014)

02 October 2014

For Your Sake Trailer (2015)

03 September 2015

An extremely mannered and increasingly preposterous tale of a fortysomething woman who has to deal with an abusive, double-dealing husband and a handsome, soap-actor lover who seems to be too good to be true.

La Santa Trailer (2013)

12 November 2013

A group of 4 thugs plan to steal the statue of Saint Victoria from a small village in southern Italys

Effetti indesiderati Trailer (2015)

22 October 2015

The story of three brothers who have to face the failure of their dairy business.

Kryptonite! Trailer (2011)

04 November 2011

Set in 1970s Naples, bullied nine year-old Peppino is watching the world around him as his extended dysfunctional family change.

Onda su onda Trailer (2016)

18 February 2016

Fort Apache Trailer (2009)

27 March 2009

The story of Giancarlo Siani, a journalist killed by the Neapolitan Mafia in 1985.

Neve Trailer (2014)

11 December 2014

No problem Trailer (2008)

10 October 2008