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Het Verlangen Trailer (2017)

23 March 2017

Two brothers get caught up in a bitter battle for honor when they attempt to save their ailing publishing company by having an uncultured but attractive woman pose as the author of an unknown talent's literary masterpiece.

Tuscan Wedding Trailer (2014)

30 January 2014

Tuscan Wedding, the new romantic comedy from the creators of Loving Ibiza. Together with her father Tom and stepmother Marla, Sanne runs Casa Matrimonio, a luxurious villa in sunkissed Italy.

Men in the City 2 Trailer (2015)

17 December 2015

A lot has changed in the lives of our men, but in the sequel to Men in the City, finding their true love turns out to be everything but a fairytale.

As If I'm Crazy Trailer (2016)

02 June 2016

When a successful young artist named Benjamin is involuntarily committed, he is completely baffled, for he doesn’t remember anything about what happened.

The long aftermath of a short announcement Trailer (2015)

27 September 2015

A short – apparently innocent – announcement turns the lives of a couple of employees at a wellness centre down.

Hidden Flaws Trailer (2004)

28 October 2004

Seventy-year-old Agnes takes the ashes of her dear Robert and travels to their regular holiday cottage on the Scottish island of Mull.