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Canon (Fidelidad al límite) Trailer (2014)

21 March 2014

Mariana and Julian are a couple that have been happily married for many years. They have two kids: Juan Maria and Bibiana.

La Máxima Felicidad Trailer (1982)

15 June 1982

Two men and a woman are about to experience living as a threesome, this process brings out of them their fears, some moral barriers must be dismantled before the complex process of understanding and accepting each other can succeed.

Woman to Woman Trailer (1986)

12 June 1986

The spite, love, sexuality exalted, sweat, crime of passion are in this story of mutual betrayals. It is a story where the important values of human relations are violated.

The Company Forgives a Moment of Madness Trailer (1978)

02 January 1978

A skilled worker has a sudden nervous breakdown at the company for which he has been working for the last 20 years.

Con el Corazón en la Mano Trailer (1988)

19 July 1988

A woman in search of a better social position can't find happiness. She lives trapped in a false world of luxury and lies which will never accept her humble origins.

Siempre hay una primera vez Trailer (1971)

15 June 1971

When I Want to Cry, I Don't Trailer (1973)

04 July 1973

In Venezuela, one day in 1948 there were born three children all named Victorino: Pérez, mulatto and son of the poor Lucía; Perdomo, son of a middle-class communist who gets arrested; and bourgeois Peralta.

Crossing the Desert Trailer (2012)

18 May 2012

Victor, a successful and well-respected businessman, is obsessed by the legend that an indigenous woman told him when he was a child.

Playing Under The Moon Trailer (2000)

03 November 2000

This is the story of two teenage women affected by violence and the painful journey to become full and liberated.

La muchacha de las bragas de oro Trailer (1980)

28 March 1980

Luys Forest is a writer with a political past Falangist, who lives isolated in a coastal town, writing his memoirs (actually rewriting and adapting his autobiography with the times), and brooding over his failed marriage.

ADN: La prueba Trailer (2005)

20 January 2005

Married couple's son is hit by a car and killed. Their marriage comes very close to falling apart, and while they're working back toward their relationship, they learn about a son born to a former girlfriend of the husband's; the child may be his.

Macho y hembra Trailer (1984)

17 July 1984

Thirty-three years old Eva begins the writing of her memories and recalls her past love-life, when she used to live with her boyfriend and her best ladyfriend.

Fin de Fiesta Trailer (1972)

13 January 1972

Móvil Pasional Trailer (1994)

02 February 1994

Gyula Kodar is a commissioner who investigates the murder of an American executive. Keep track of Macabí, an ex and former lover of Mary Laya, widow of the victim.

Chronicle of a Latin American Subversive Trailer (1974)

23 July 1974

1964, in a Latin American country, a journalist is head of an armed liberation movement that decides to initiate radical actions.