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Meche Barba (New York City, New York September 24, 1922 – Mexico City January 14, 2000) (born Mercedes Barba Feito), was an American-born Mexican film actress and dancer of the Golden age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. She was considered one of the icons of the "Rumberas film".

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Gran Casino Trailer (1947)

12 June 1947

After the mysterious disappearance of an oil well owner, one of his workers, Gerardo assumes the business management.

Eterna agonía Trailer (1949)

22 June 1949

Convicted on flimsy evidence of complicity in a jewel robbery, there's nothing he can do afterward to put his life in order.

Cuando los hijos pecan Trailer (1952)

20 November 1952

Bad girl makes lives miserable.

Cortesana Trailer (1948)

12 May 1948

Young woman breaks up with her fiance to shack up with her sister's husband.

Pasionaria Trailer (1952)

09 April 1952

Musicians/dancers look for their big show-biz break while dealing with a melodrama/crime activity that involves an abusive husband, a lecherous employer and a heroin lab.

Amor vendido Trailer (1951)

27 May 1951

Handicapped songwriter falls for bad girl. Again.

Lola Casanova Trailer (1949)

25 May 1949

Sonora Mexico, 1880s: Seri Indian tribe splits into two factions after a white woman comes to live in their settlement.

Ambiciosa Trailer (1953)

26 February 1953

Young actress advances her career by choosing boyfriends judiciously.

Amor de la calle Trailer (1950)

03 May 1950

Sota, caballo y rey Trailer (1944)

08 December 1944

Theatrical troupe schemes to expose corrupt dealings in local government.

Casa de vecindad Trailer (1951)

08 February 1951

Personal dramas among the residents of an apartment house.

Dancing, salón de baile Trailer (1952)

05 February 1952

Mambo nightclub is a front for gangster activity.

El pecado de Laura Trailer (1949)

26 May 1949

Young woman breaks her engagement to be married when an opportunity for stardom comes her way.

Humo en los ojos Trailer (1946)

13 November 1946

Heated rivalry over a bar-girl in a dive-y waterfront saloon.

Cuando el alba llegue Trailer (1950)

24 March 1950

Bad guy who runs a ritzy nightclub is trying to keep his younger brother out of the gutter and get him into a professional career.

Acá las tortas Trailer (1951)

12 October 1951

College students, ready to start entering adult society, are ashamed of their working-class backgrounds.

Negra consentida Trailer (1949)

05 March 1949

Free-spirited young woman schemes different ways to trying to nudge her spinsterish older sister into falling in love and getting married.

Músico, poeta y loco Trailer (1948)

08 May 1948

An underaged heiress is sent to a reformatory by her unscrupulous guardians to prevent her from fulfilling the conditions of her father's will.

Póker de ases Trailer (1952)

25 December 1952

Four brothers try to manage their careers and love-lives under the close supervision of a domineering mother.

Yo fui una callejera Trailer (1952)

30 September 1952

Teenaged slum-girl falls into show-biz by accident and rises to the tuxedos-and-furs class. Gangster drama and heartbreak, so she goes back to her own social class at the end, even though other options were available to her.

As negro Trailer (1954)

11 November 1954

Two poor children swear an oath: one will study, the other will work and support them both. The worker turns to crime.

Los años de Greta Trailer (1992)

07 August 1992

Elderly woman bonds with other senior citizens for emotional support.

Amor y venganza Trailer (1991)

06 October 1991

Young woman miraculously rises from runway model to internationally-acclaimed film star in a few months' time because she's sorta pretty and stuff.