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Special Forces Trailer (2011)

02 November 2011

Afghanistan. War correspondent Elsa Casanova is taken hostage by the Taliban. Faced with her imminent execution, a Special Forces unit is dispatched to free her.

Body of Lies Trailer (2008)

10 October 2008

Body of Lies follows CIA operative, Roger Ferris, as he uncovers a lead on a major terrorist leader suspected to be operating out of Jordan.

Rivals Trailer (2008)

06 February 2008

The story of two rival brothers, one a pimp and the other a cop, and how the former manages to be the family favourite.

Switch Trailer (2011)

04 June 2011

In Montreal, the unemployed fashion designer Sophie Malaterre is shown a website,, where it is possible to switch houses with a stranger for vacation.

Ca$h Trailer (2008)

23 April 2008

A man meets up with two "good guys" to recover what is unlawfully his, taking them on his whirlwind ride, doing things they never would have imagined, just to survive.

Josephine, Pregnant & Fabulous Trailer (2016)

10 February 2016

At last, Josephine has found her perfect non-smoker-cat-loving-amazing-cook-perfect-man-soulmate. They’ve been in love for two years and everything is peachy.

Secrets Of State Trailer (2008)

10 December 2008

In France, terrorist groups and intelligence agencies battle in a merciless war everyday, in the name of radically opposed ideologies.

Happy Hour Trailer (2015)

28 June 2015

The middle-aged family man Hans-Christian (HC) left by his wife goes to Ireland for a short break with his old friends Wolfgang and Nic.

English Vinglish Trailer (2012)

14 September 2012

English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large.

11.6 Trailer (2013)

03 April 2013

In November 2009, French security van driver Toni Musulin (François Cluzet) makes off with nearly 12 million euros, then turns himself over to the authorities a week later.

Mince alors ! Trailer (2012)

27 March 2012

Josephine Trailer (2013)

19 June 2013

A new French comedy starring Marilou Berry as the titular character.

Sein letztes Rennen Trailer (2013)

10 October 2013

A former Olympic champion wants to compete in the Berlin Marathon one last time.

Cookie Trailer (2013)

22 January 2013

Adeline's Chinese housekeeper suddenly disappears, leaving behind a little boy who doesn't speak a word of French.

The Coming Days Trailer (2010)

04 November 2010

Welcome to 2020: The European Union has collapsed following the fourth Gulf War and massive barricades keep illegal immigrants out of cities that are barely functioning.

My Husband, An Assassin Trailer (2013)

06 September 2013

Minette and Paul are married and seem to lead a happy family life. But when Paul began gradually to move away from his wife, it decides to spin and managed to watch the tryst he gave Nora, his new conquest, in a hotel room.

Angel of Mine Trailer (2008)

13 June 2008

Elsa, a woman with a long history of depression in the midst of a divorce from her husband of 12 years develops an obsession with a seven year old girl she sees at a birthday party when she comes to pick up her son Thomas.

The Fixer Trailer (2016)

09 September 2016

Romanian-born Radu Patru is a trainee at a prestigious French news network. Serving as a translator and general problem solver, or "fixer," for the headlining journalists during his trial period, he's looking to make his big break.

We Monsters Trailer (2015)

22 January 2015

A husband and wife struggle with their consciences after they try to conceal a terrible crime committed by their teenage daughter.

8:28 AM Trailer (2010)

17 September 2010

Paris Lockdown Trailer (2007)

17 January 2007

Les heures souterraines Trailer (2015)

06 November 2015

Visitors Trailer (2013)

20 January 2013

During an unannounced visit to Berlin, Jakob and Hanna let their three grown up children know that they are no longer able to support them financially.

Sleeper Trailer (2005)

26 June 2005

Johannes, a new assistant at the university, is asked to provide reports on an Algerian colleague - who is suspected of being a sleeper.

Long Shadows Trailer (2008)

24 October 2008

Our Little Differences Trailer (2012)

02 July 2012

In this acutely observed and sharply written debut feature from director Sylvie Michel, the contrasting parenting philosophies of a well-to-do divorcee and his immigrant cleaning lady becomes an angry debate over deeper issues of social class and cultural values when their teenage children disappear after a night on the town.

Verschleppt - Kein Weg zurück Trailer (2006)

20 July 2006

Le choix de Myriam Trailer (2009)

09 May 2009

Der Lebensversicherer Trailer (2006)

14 February 2006

Folgeschäden Trailer (2004)

24 November 2004

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