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Michael Moritzen er søn af skuespilleren Henning Moritzen og kassererske Betty Moritzen, f. Krohn. Han blev uddannet som instruktør på Statens Teaterskole i 1978 og uddannet som skuespiller på Skuespillerskolen ved Århus Teater i 1981. Han var tilknyttet Aarhus Teater i sæsonen 1981-82 men blev derefter free lance. Han har bl.a. spillet Børge i "Dansen med Regitze" og en større rolle som modstandsgruppelederen i "De nøgne træer". På teatret har han bl.a. haft titelroller i "Don Ranudo" på Grønnegårds Teatret i 1989, i "Erasmus Montanus" og som admiralen i "Pinafore" på Det Danske Teater i 1998. Michael Moritzen var 1999-2000 leder af skuespillinjen på Statens Teaterskole og i 2001 blev han chef for Folketeatret / Hippodromen, hvor han uden større held forsøgte sig med en vis fornyelse af repertoiret.

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Manslaughter Trailer (2005)

26 August 2005

A college professor abandons his family and his career in order to champion his mistress, a student radical accused of killing a policeman.

The Idiots Trailer (1998)

28 April 1998

With his first Dogma-95 film director Lars von Trier opens up a completely new film platform. With a mix of home-video and documentary styles the film tells the story of a group of young people who have decided to get to know their “inner-idiots” and thus not only facing and breaking their outer appearance but also their inner.

Almost Perfect Trailer (2012)

04 October 2012

Anne has given up trying to find a man who will fit into her sensible and controlled life. Therefore she has chosen to become pregnant with an anonymous sperm donor who has been carefully chosen.

The Idealist Trailer (2015)

09 April 2015

A whistle blower attempts to reveal the secret behind a nuclear disaster that occurred during the height of the Cold War.

Superbror Trailer (2009)

17 December 2009

"Superbrother" tells the story of Anton, a 10 year old boy desperate for, he says, an older and true brother as Buller, his brother, is autistic.

What a Pity About Daddy Trailer (1968)

19 July 1968

About the young Aarhus businessman Jacob Hansen who is going to a congress in Copenhagen. His competitor in the firm sends his secretary over to spy and bring Jacob into disrepute.

Residual Risk Trailer (2011)

18 January 2011

Nuclear security expert Katja Wernecke (Ulrike Folkerts) helps cover up a fire in the German nuclear reactor she works in, before the government takes a decision on extending the usage license for it.

Daisy Diamond Trailer (2007)

23 November 2007

A tragic story about Anna who dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream.

Rich Kids Trailer (2007)

01 March 2007

A story about a group of rich kids, from old money families, north of Copenhagen, from a world where people with ambition and power rule.

Okay Trailer (2002)

27 March 2002

A bittersweet comedy with dogma star Paprika Steen in the strong leading role.

Memories of a Marriage Trailer (1989)

17 November 1989

Karl Åge and Regitze host a summer garden party for close friends, their son, and his family. Karl Åge is quiet, detached; Regitze is spirited, lively.

Oh happy day Trailer (2004)

25 August 2004

Hannah (Lotte Andersen) is a housewife in a village Zealand, where she is married to the sad Carsten (Mikael Birkkjær).

Spring Tide Trailer (1990)

05 October 1990

Franco lives in a rough part of Copenhagen. His hooker mother has little time for him. Franco drifts into a life of crime, repeatedly confronting the authorities.

The Naked Trees Trailer (1991)

25 December 1991

In 1943, where everything was prohibited, and the Nazi grip on the Danish population tightened, more and more growing resistance to the occupation quite naturally in the Danish population.

Dance of the Polar Bears Trailer (1990)

05 February 1990

At age 12, Lasse is a tough guy and a bright one. His life is changed when his mother, pregnant at the time, abandons his beloved father.