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Michael Raven (born 1969) is an American adult film director. He is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame. While he was working as a car salesman, Raven met Sydnee Steele to whom he sold a new Miata. They married, finding a common interest in pornography and swinging, and moved to Los Angeles, California to turn their hobbies into careers. Their marriage lasted for ten years. He was married to pornographic actress Julia Ann, later they divorced.

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The Visitors Trailer (2006)

26 July 2006

A small town is terrorized by mysterious visitors. People in the small town start to disappear. What could be the cause of this?

3 Wishes Trailer (2006)

04 May 2006

Jerry is a hapless loser with no end to a string of bad luck. First, he walks in on his girlfriend having sex with the cable guy.

American Dreams Trailer (2005)

13 May 2005

Join Julia Ann and Stormy as they take you on an erotic journey in search of the American Dream.

Mood Ring Trailer (2004)

25 May 2004

Recently separated from her long-term boyfriend, Jackie has given up on love and relies on her mood ring to guide her, since unlike her heart, the mood ring has never steered her wrong before.

Underworld Trailer (2001)

03 July 2001

Award winning director Michael Raven (best film AVN Awards 2001) weaves a classic tale of lost love, dark desires and endless evil as only Raven can, from a pulse pounding sexual rollercoaster ride into the heart of hell to the sex filled dens of the souless, raven shows a world on sin unlike anything ever imagined, peopled with wild beauties, tireless studs, all captives in a landscape of sheer decadence.

The Predator Trailer (2007)

14 May 2007

Sick... Twisted... Depraved She has been called them all, but most refer to her simply as "The Predator".

Fairy Tale Trailer (2010)

11 August 2010

Fairy Tale Newlyweds Jack (Eric Masterson) and Jill (Stormy Daniels) move to the suburbs to escape their hectic city life.

Blue Rain Trailer (2003)

28 November 2003

Det. Rain takes her job seriously, dead seriously. But when she falls hard for the prime suspect, she must choose between her love and her honor.

The Gifted Trailer (2009)

07 April 2009

Lucy (Alektra Blue) never fit in with the other girls. And as hard as she tried, she couldn't figure why.

Bound Trailer (2008)

02 July 2008

Lily is a 19-year-old woman who seeks escape though sex and drugs until she is taken in by an elderly man, named Henry, who marries her and helps her get clean.

Always and Forever Trailer (2009)

04 March 2009

Karen had a promising future: A blossoming career as a journalist and the love and support of her photojournalist boyfriend, Ryan.

Friends 4 Life Trailer (2009)

08 December 2009

While on again off again couple Lisa (Alektra Blue) and Doug (Barrett Blade) are on the outs, Doug finds himself befriended by his oddly annoying cable guy Chet (Eric Masterson).

Love for the First Time Trailer (2008)

25 May 2008

Bob Smith lives a quiet, simple life. With a modest apartment in the San Fernando Valley, a job, and a bicycle, he wants for little else.

Almost Perfect Trailer (2008)

13 August 2008

Ashley is lighthearted, warm, and spontaneous. Ben is perpetually serious, exacting and guided by rules.

The Wicked Trailer (2008)

30 September 2008

A road trip turns deadly when five young friends embark on a journey to attend an annual festival in the desert.

Deceived Trailer (2008)

21 December 2008

Anxious to raise money to save her sick father, Maya (Mikayla Mendez) a young Mexican woman, goes online in search of a wealthy husband.

Black Widow Trailer (2007)

04 September 2007

Peyton is a 20-year-old gold digger and drifter who meets Charles, an older man of wealth and status.

Art of Love Trailer (2006)

04 June 2006

Throughout time man has created and destroyed, often in the name of a woman. Our story teller, Keri Sable, spins three such tails of romance, conflict and carnal desires.

Eighteen Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

Exotics Trailer (2004)

26 October 2004

Wicked Pictures is please to offer you Exotics! This vignette style offering comes from award winning director Michael Raven.

Erotik Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004

Pin-Ups Trailer (2003)

09 December 2003

Your walls never looked this good. Walls were made to be decorated.

Bad Habits Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Michael Raven takes a break from dark, moody atmosphere and complicated plots to kick back and indulge in sex for the sake of sex.

Fleshtones Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

It's all about COLORS. The color of sex. The color of sin. Whatever color you happen to be in. This planet is a multicolored, multinational freakshow.