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Michael Bruce Patrick Seater (born January 15, 1987) is a Canadian actor. He is known for his role as Derek Venturi on Life with Derek and for his role as Tom Bellow in 18 to Life.

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The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio Trailer (2005)

28 September 2005

Based on the true story of Evelyn Ryan, a midwestern housewife who managed to rescue her family from debt by entering contests for ad slogans sponsored by consumer product companies.

Adventures in the Sin Bin Trailer (2012)

08 June 2012

Brian is a private school student who routinely lends his van out so fellow students can have sex in it.

Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life Trailer (2005)

20 June 2005

A high school kid (Sumpter) develops an addiction to Internet porn so intense that it begins to destroy his life and tear his family apart.

Sadie's Last Days on Earth Trailer (2016)

09 December 2016

Everything in high school is like the world ending and Sadie Mitchell's crippling fear of the coming apocalypse is the heightened version of that.

Bank$tas Trailer (2014)

18 April 2014

Life could not be better for best friends Neal and Isaac. They just graduated college and landed their dream job with a top investment bank.

Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy Trailer (2014)

27 March 2014

It is the Spring of 1943 and the Battle for the Atlantic rages as an Axis victory seems inevitable. The women of Vic Mu – Gladys, Lorna, Kate, Betty and Vera – band together in a tight bond of support and friendship.

People Hold On Trailer (2015)

09 October 2015

Past conflicts and tensions arise when a group of friends spend the weekend together to celebrate an upcoming wedding.

Vacation with Derek Trailer (2010)

25 June 2010

Derek and Casey are back and continue their hilarious sibling rivalry during a family vacation to visit their grandmother at her beautiful lake front lodge.

Degrassi Goes Hollywood Trailer (2009)

14 August 2009

The gang travels to Los Angeles, California as they attempt to live out their dreams.

She Drives Me Crazy Trailer (2007)

30 September 2007

Two estranged sisters go on a road trip that leads them to a place they never believed possible.

Dirty Pictures Trailer (2000)

27 May 2000

A Cincinnati museum director goes on trial in 1990 for exhibiting sadomasochistic photographs taken by Robert Mapplethorpe.

Breaking Through Trailer (2003)

03 November 2003

Based on a true story. Patsy McCartle is a widow with two sons trying to gather all the money she has to pay for her car, bills, and her son's medication, all of which she can barely afford.

Future Fear Trailer (1997)

01 December 1997

An able-bodied scientist has found a cure for the plague from outer space which has eradicated almost all life on the planet.

Sly Cad Trailer (2014)

20 May 2014

A young man sustains his lifestyle by keeping the company of wealthy older women. But everything changes when he meets hip, young Gabi and he starts breaking his own rules.

Vanished Without a Trace Trailer (1999)

01 February 1999

A woman simply refuses to accept the kidnapping of her 13 year old daughter and relentlessly pursues the villain's capture.