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Los cinco halcones Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

Five cowboy avengers avenging. Cowboyishly.

Los fanfarrones Trailer (1960)

19 June 1960

Three young ladies become the owners of a rough and tumble cowboy bar that they're not well-equipped to manage.

Asesinos de la lucha libre Trailer (1962)

15 February 1962

Cowboy sheriff investigates the murder of a crooked lucha-libre promoter.

Cartas a Ufemia Trailer (1952)

07 August 1952

Small-town rom-com from a female POV.

Camelia Trailer (1954)

16 February 1954

A woman of low estate is beloved of a promising young man, but sacrifices her love for him in order to protect his future and reputation.

Bajo el cielo de México Trailer (1958)

22 October 1958

Romantic triangle. One of the guys is a very bad man.

Limosna de amores Trailer (1955)

23 April 1955

Donde estás, corazón Trailer (1961)

02 November 1961

Three female singers in the 1920s pursue their careers.

Si yo fuera millonario Trailer (1962)

26 August 1962

White-collar criminals conspire to prevent a shmuck from collecting an inheritance.

Hay ángeles con espuelas Trailer (1957)

20 June 1957

Two brothers butt heads: one's a gadabout charro playboy and the other's a priest.

Los valientes no mueren Trailer (1962)

31 January 1962

Charro-dude wants his sister to marry into professional city-folk and move into the upper classes... but she's in love with somebody from their own social stratum.

A los cuatro vientos Trailer (1955)

04 June 1955

Career-biography of a fictional ranchera singer, played by Rosita Quintana.

Camino de la horca Trailer (1962)

11 October 1962

Gloomy, fatalistic grown-up western.

El ciclón Trailer (1959)

02 October 1959

Cowboy revenge-drama, paired with a love triangle between two Mexican fellers and a rather unpleasant gringa.

Por querer a una mujer Trailer (1951)

14 September 1951

Ranch melodrama: romantic triangle leads to multiple murders.

El buena suerte Trailer (1961)

16 February 1961

An acquaintance from Venezuela visits the owner of a Mexican ranch, causes upheavals in the love-life of the foreman.

Guitarras de medianoche Trailer (1958)

21 May 1958

Wealthy land-owner poses as a bandit, robbing only his own properties, to get the romantic attention of a woman who lives down the road.

El cariñoso Trailer (1959)

05 May 1959

Romcom with music: owner of an auto-repair shop woos the owner of a beauty parlor.

Cuatro copas Trailer (1958)

02 April 1958

Upper-crust city gal falls for a rough-edged working-class guy, so she follows him to his home town and masquerades as a peasant/Indian local to win him over.

¡Viva quien sabe querer! Trailer (1960)

19 October 1960

Ranchera singer and his sidekick travel to Argentina to mix it up with a playboy who bragged to them about the tour he'd book for them.

El asesino enmascarado Trailer (1962)

30 August 1962

Hero vs bad-guy western.

Amor se dice cantando Trailer (1959)

12 February 1959

Mexican singer touring Argentina wins a country estate in a poker game.

Dos gallos y dos gallinas Trailer (1963)

03 January 1963

Two brothers are trying to raise emergency cash by doing cockfights and horse-races. They meet two sisters.

Historia de un amor Trailer (1956)

15 February 1956

Singer relives her love-life in flashback: she adopts another woman's illegitimate daughter, she gets married, the grandparents of the baby raise a fuss, etc.

El rey de la pistola Trailer (1962)

08 August 1962

Western heist movie; a complicated bank job goes bad, and two groups of thieves fight the sheriff and each other.

Rogaciano el huapanguero Trailer (1957)

08 August 1957

Itinerant folk-singer returns to his home town, gets caught in two intersecting love triangles. It ends badly.