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Ninette Trailer (2005)

12 August 2005

Ninette Sanchez, daughter of Spanish immigrants in France, is a smart, sexy, funny and spontaneous Parisian girl who works at the Galeries Lafayette.

Villaviciosa de al lado Trailer (2016)

02 December 2016

Dawn Breaks, Which Is No Small Thing Trailer (1989)

17 January 1989

Theodore, a young Spanish engineer who works as a professor at the University of Oklahoma, returned to Spain to enjoy a sabbatical year.

Nothing in Return Trailer (2015)

08 May 2015

One summer, Dario flees the hellish environment of his home. Luismi, unconditional friend, a poor devil with pretensions of winning, and Antonia, an old woman who collects abandoned his motorcar furniture, become his new family.

Films to Keep You Awake: Spectre Trailer (2006)

01 July 2006

Alejandro is an elderly writer, and is driving back to the small costal village where he was born and raised.

Voyage to Nowhere Trailer (1986)

15 October 1986

The Iniesta-Galván family is a theatre company that goes from town to town offering its performances.

Going Down in Morocco Trailer (1989)

11 April 1989

A girl, who lives together with her cousin who earns some money by dealing and her boyfriend who is a policeman, is regularly transporting some drugs from Marocco for her cousin.

Dear Nanny Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

Elvira, daughter of a disgraced military, who entered a convent at a young age leaves him and returns home to settle in Madrid with his beloved nanny, seeking help to overcome their crisis.

Ekipo Ja Trailer (2007)

19 January 2007

The Ekipo Ja, a group of sane gypsies led by the gypsy Juan De Dios, is in possession, unknowingly, of a sacred seal able to make wishes to him who possesses it.

Be Wanton and Tread No Shame Trailer (1985)

05 December 1985

Pablo and Fernando, owners of a children's book publishing company about to go bankrupt, have managed through unorthodox means to contract the country's best-selling author, Adela Mora.

Ilusión Trailer (2013)

28 June 2013

This is the story of a screenwriter and film director infuse the country is part of the illusion that seems to have lost in recent times.

Asesinato en el Comité Central Trailer (1982)

16 August 1982

The plot follows a private detective, an ex communist and former CIA agent, who travels from Barcelona to Madrid to discover the identity of the assassin of the leader of the Spanish Communist party who was stabbed during a blackout while presiding over a meeting of the party's central committee.

Sidetracked Trailer (2015)

30 January 2015

A rural couple in crisis, who have a brother and sister with urban problems, and all of them trying to find a solution.

¿Estás ahí? Trailer (2011)

13 May 2011

Animales de compañía Trailer (2009)

23 December 2009

National Adultery Trailer (1982)

24 May 1982

A man falls in love with his friend's wife and plots the different ways to get rid of his current wife and also his friend so he can have his new found love all to himself.

La patria del 'Rata' Trailer (1981)

04 May 1981

Ay, Carmela! Trailer (1990)

16 March 1990

Paulino and Carmela are husband and wife, troubadours touring the countryside during the Spanish Civil War.

El hombre de moda Trailer (1980)

14 November 1980

La española inglesa Trailer (2015)

10 November 2015

Jaque the Lady Trailer (1979)

01 February 1979

Pares y nones Trailer (1982)

22 September 1982

Comedy on the effects of affect and impersonal relationships in unmarried couples, couples who cease to be, they should be and never should have been.

Marbella Trailer (1985)

13 October 1985

Comedy thriller directed by Miguel Hermoso.

Las bicicletas son para el verano Trailer (1984)

20 January 1984

Alone in the Dark Trailer (1978)

03 April 1978

In the evening program "Alone in the night", a radio broadcaster, who feels that the transition from dictatorship to democracy has betrayed his dreams of political, chronic corrosive ago defeatist Spanish society of the late 70 .

The Dog in the Manger Trailer (1996)

27 November 1996

Diana, the Countess of Belflor, is an intelligent, impulsive woman in love with her secretary, Teodoro.

Días de cine Trailer (2007)

09 February 2007

Comedy set in 1977, in which a renowned playwright (Alberto San Juan) tries to shoot a social protest drama starring a doldrums folk, former child star (Natalie Poza) and produced by a producer and shameless liar (Miguel Rellán).

El chocolate del loro Trailer (2004)

29 October 2004

El Maestro de esgrima Trailer (1992)

18 September 1992

A fencing master in pre-revolution Spain is hired to teach fencing to a beautiful young woman. Although he has never taught a woman before he is fascinated by her and agrees.

¡Ja me maaten...! Trailer (2000)

22 December 2000

La vida alegre Trailer (1987)

14 April 1987

Ana starts working as a Doctor in the S.T.I.U. (sexual transmission illnesses unit) at a Hospital. She begins meeting a lot of strange and bizarre characters there, while her jealous husband has to deal with it.

Le llamaban J.R. Trailer (1982)

29 November 1982

Tasio Trailer (1984)

21 September 1984

The childhood, love adventures, and ordinary life of Tasio, a coal maker in rural Navarre.

Total Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

"Total" opens the trilogy that close "Amanece que no es poco" and "Así en el Cielo como en la Tierra" Year 2598.

The flight of the dove Trailer (1989)

14 February 1989

spanish comedy

Las chicas del bingo Trailer (1982)

25 May 1982

The movie tells the story of four beautifull and young girls: María, Pilar, Patricia and Virginia. They all work at the bingo and while they sell bingo cars they fill the room with smiles, happyness and excitement.

Los Caraduros Trailer (1983)

20 October 1983

Parody of a real event, the expropriation of RUMASA holding, owned by businessman Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos by the government led by Felipe González.

How to Be a Woman and Not Die in the Attempt Trailer (1991)

05 April 1991

Carmen, a journalist with two children, is on her third marriage, to Antonio, a record producer. Over the course of a year, we follow her through her discontents: Antonio's lateness, his fatigue when she wants to make love, his insistence on her company when she prefers solitude, his treating her work as less important than his, his casual and cruel dismissal of her opinions, her boss assigning her an incompetent editor, bartenders ignoring her, her passage into middle age.

El juego más divertido Trailer (1988)

22 January 1988

El Crack Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

German Areta (Alfredo Landa) "The Louse", is an ex-cop detective with a tiny office in a part of Madrid going to seed - a scenario inspired by Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961), to whom Crack is dedicated.

Estoy en crisis Trailer (1982)

01 February 1982

Bernabe (José Sacristán) works as an artistic director for a publicity firm but his avocation is fawning after his bosses, sleeping with whomever might advance his career, and ignoring his wife.

Corazón de papel Trailer (1982)

22 September 1982

El crack II Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

Sequel to crime drama El Crack

Pasodoble Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

La masajista vocacional Trailer (1981)

02 April 1981