Most Popular Milú Trailers

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O Leão da Estrela Trailer (1947)

21 November 1947

O Costa do Castelo Trailer (1943)

15 March 1943

O Som da Terra a Tremer Trailer (1990)

22 October 1990

A film by Rita Azevedo Gomes.

The Killers Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

"Kilas" (a Portuguese misrepresentation of the English word "killers") is the nickname of a petty con-man who gets involved with a deadly ring of spies.

Vidas sem Rumo Trailer (1956)

10 September 1956

Os Três da Vida Airada Trailer (1952)

21 August 1952

A typesetter is an amateur stage director, and his niece and an employee are stage actors. When they have an opportunity to go professional, differences arise between the two men.

Aldeia da Roupa Branca Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

Gracinda, a young laundry washer, lives with her godfather, "Uncle" Jacinto, and together they run a family business, doing the laundry for residents of Lisbon in their small village in the outskirts of that city (Canecas).

O Grande Elias Trailer (1950)

12 December 1950