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Oriana Trailer (1985)

08 September 1985

A young girl is sent to a South American hacienda, where she learns about the life of her reclusive aunt, Oriana.

Coup at Daybreak Trailer (1998)

16 September 1998

The film follows the events of the night of February 4, 1992 in Caracas, Venezuela. That night a group of military rebels staged a coup d'etat.

Little Thieves, Big Thieves Trailer (1998)

19 June 1998

In the wake of a banking crisis, four middle class friends throw a 'white glove' hold up, only to find out that their bank has already gone bankrupt.

Fin de round Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Perucho leaves his village in Venezuela, and along with his sister and brother traveled to the city to try to break through and find another life.

Crab Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Commissioner Leon (Miguel Angel Landa) of the Technical Judicial Police is assigned to the kidnapping of a child of the upper class of Caracas.

Los Años del Miedo Trailer (1987)

01 October 1987

The political leader Alberto Carnevali, secretly returns to his country to plot against the dictatorship of Marcos Perez Jimenez.