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The Yakuza Wives Trailer (1986)

15 November 1986

While her husband is in prison doing time, Tamaki, the wife of a yakuza capo, runs her spouse’s gang with an iron hand.

The Shogunate's Harem Trailer (1986)

14 June 1986

A new shogun is appointed to the throne when his brother dies. He find out that the former Shogun one of the women from his brothers harem became pregnant, but she escaped.

My Way Trailer (1974)

07 September 1974

Based on a true story, an elderly women resiliently spends nine months attempting to retrieve her husband's dead body, fighting government bureaucracy and indifference all along the way.

Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market Trailer (1974)

11 September 1974

Noboru Tanaka returned to direct the third of Nikkatsu's pinku eiga melodramas examining prostitution in various Japanese cities.

G.I. Samurai Trailer (1979)

17 September 1979

A squadron of Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers find themselves transported through time to their country's warring states era, when rival samurai clans were battling to become the supreme Shogun.

The Longest Tunnel Trailer (1982)

16 October 1982

After a passenger ship sinks in 1954, Go Akutsu devises a life-saving project in the form of a tunnel under the Tsugaru Strait.

Getting Any? Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

A slapstick comedy, about a goofy middle-aged man who is obsessed with the idea of having car sex. While pursuing his 'dream', he makes all the wrong moves possible, and ends up enrolling in a number of crazy escapades.

Ronin-gai Trailer (1990)

18 August 1990

Near the end of Japanese civil war, several disgraced ronin living in Edo's red light district attempt to regain their honor by defending a brothel from a hostile militia bent on wiping out local prostitutes.

Faraway Heaven Trailer (2008)

08 November 2008

Chizuru, a typical Japanese young female office worker, is socially clumsy, poor at romance and unhappy with her job.

Apartment Wife: Scent of a Woman Trailer (1973)

14 April 1973

Pinku from 1973.

Aoi Sei Trailer (1975)

21 June 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Trapped in Lust Trailer (1973)

15 December 1973

A delirious roman porno re-imagining of Branded to Kill from Atsushi Yamatoya, one of Branded to Kill's screenwriters and Suzuki's regular collaborators.

Lovers Are Wet Trailer (1973)

24 March 1973

Katsu, a fugitive youth on the run from the yakuza, returns to his birthplace and begins an affair with the cinema owner.

Puppets Under Starry Skies Trailer (1978)

21 January 1978

A young Japanese man finds himself in the company of a strange, effeminate gay man and a girl with a seedy sexual history and who even now is pregnant again.

Sakuya: Slayer of Demons Trailer (2000)

12 August 2000

The eruption of Mt. Fuji in 1707 released hordes of demons from deep inside the earth. Sakuya, the young daughter of a samurai killed fighting these demons, accepts a mission to travel to Mt.

Man and Woman Behind the Fusuma Screen: Enduring Skin Trailer (1974)

16 February 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Housewife's Experience: New Tenement Apartment Trailer (1975)

24 December 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Fireflies: River of Light Trailer (2004)

05 June 2004

After finally passing his teacher's exam, Miwa (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) devoted himself to teaching in a rustic primary school.

Young Thugs: Innocent Blood Trailer (1997)

21 June 1997

The story of three friends, two guys and a girl for one year after they have finished school. Last day of school, decides to rob their teacher.

Wild Berries Trailer (2003)

06 September 2003

A portrait of an ordinary family that turns unstable when their frivolous son Shuji returns home after a long absence.

Housewife's Experience: Tenement Apartment 2 Trailer (1975)

23 July 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Apartment Wife: Afternoon Seduction Trailer (1974)

15 January 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Naked Rashomon Trailer (1973)

03 July 1973

In Naked Rashomon (Showa Onnamichi: Rashomon), a prostitute gives birth to twins - the result of an affair with a powerful marquis named Katsuragawa.

Ichijo's Wet Lust Trailer (1972)

07 October 1972

Ichijo Sayuri, once the legendary queen of Osaka strippers, has retired to run a sushi shop. She is awaiting her day in court after having been arrested for indecency at her farewell performance.

All Under the Moon Trailer (1993)

06 November 1993

A Korean taxi-driver interacts both humorously and tragically with his customers and employers in '90s Tokyo.

Wet Lust: 21 Strippers Trailer (1974)

03 January 1974

Pinku from 1974.

To Love Trailer (1997)

04 November 1997

Mitsu works in a factory and has a crush on Tsutomu, a young man she met on the Tokyo streets. One day the two go out, and after some deception, Tsutomu manages to have his way with her.

Female Teacher Trailer (1977)

29 October 1977

A young teacher (Eiko Nagashima) is raped by students. She tries to resign but then decides to return and face the class.

Blue Rain Osaka Trailer (1983)

08 July 1983

From director Masaru Konuma comes this tale of sorrow and nostalgia mixed with pop songs and feminine strength.

Great Edo: Secret Story of a Female Doctor in Trouble Trailer (1975)

18 October 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Tokyo Deluxe Trailer (1995)

28 January 1995

A Japanese comedy film directed by Yôichi Sai.

Prostitute Torture Hell Trailer (1973)

14 April 1973

Prostitute Torture Hell ((秘)女郎責め地獄 Maruhi: Jorō seme jigoku) is a 1973 Roman Porno film directed by Noboru Tanaka and starring Riei Nakagawa.

At Noon Trailer (1978)

29 December 1978

Tadao decides to comes back from Tokyo to live in his home town, in the countryside. He stays at his parents place and finds a job, repairing transistor and television.

Soft Skin Trailer (1998)

31 January 1998

Minako, a Tokyo housewife, is depressed that everyone has an active life outside the home except her.

Outlaw Cop Trailer (1976)

04 February 1976

A bad cop is engaged in a violent chase to catch a yakuza boss. In his absence his wife runs away with another man, who turns out to be the very same man that her husband is hunting.

Woods Are Wet Trailer (1973)

23 May 1973

Sachiko has just committed a crime. She is helped by a couple to whom she grants her confidence. Quickly this couple blackmails her and threatens to deliver her to the police.

Village of Doom Trailer (1983)

15 January 1983

An emotionally distraught young man goes on a violent killing spree after his tuberculosis keeps him from serving in World War II and is frowned upon by his fellow villagers.

Love Affair on a Rainy Night Trailer (1973)

23 May 1973

Pinku from 1973.

A Woman with Red Hair Trailer (1979)

17 February 1979

Kozo and his colleague rape their boss's daughter and have sex with an unnamed woman.

Yumeno Kyusaku's Girl Hell Trailer (1977)

19 August 1977

Utae and Aiko attend an all-girl private school where the devoutly religious principal seems to be raping some of the students, including Utae.

The World of Geisha Trailer (1973)

03 November 1973

The world is in turmoil with the October Revolution of 1917, riots over the inflationary price of rice, and the military expedition to Siberia in 1918.

Noboru Ando's Chronicle of Fugitive Days and Sex Trailer (1976)

01 October 1976

Ando on the run, stopping in to service all the women in his life, with a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Wet Lips Trailer (1972)

29 January 1972

Pinku from 1972.

Housewife's Experience: Tenement Trailer (1975)

26 April 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Never Give Up Trailer (1978)

07 October 1978

Special forces officer Ajisawa leaves his paramilitary group to take care of his newly-adopted daughter, Yoriko: the sole survival of a bloodbath for which he is responsible.

Crazy Season Trailer (1973)

26 December 1973

Pinku from 1973.

Red Light District: Gonna Get Out Trailer (1974)

21 September 1974

It's the evening before the day all brothels must be shut-down, according to the new law, in 1958. At the Kofukuya's (literally, the house that sells happiness), five prostitutes decide to celebrate the day.

Red Light District: Woman in the Honmoku Brothel Trailer (1975)

25 January 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Excitement Class: Love Techniques Trailer (1972)

08 November 1972

Tormented by his first sexual stirrings, the teenager Isao dreams every night of his gym teacher Ikuko.

Key Trailer (1974)

04 May 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Office Lady Journal: Wet Bundle Trailer (1974)

06 February 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Spring Koto Trailer (1976)

25 December 1976

Okoto is blind since childhood. Her young servant Sasuke is in love of her. One day Koto is badly scarred on her face.

Rolling on the Road Trailer (1981)

09 October 1981

Yuya Uchida stars in this pseudo-documentary about George, a washed-up middle-aged rocker, divorcing his wife and living with his girlfriend, a soap massage parlor worker.