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American Assassin Trailer (2017)

14 September 2017

Following the murder of his fiancée, Mitch Rapp trains under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley.

Wajib Trailer (2017)

20 August 2017

After years abroad in Italy, Shadi returns to his native Nazareth. But this is no spectacular homecoming.

Weddings and Other Disasters Trailer (2010)

23 April 2010

Romantically disillusioned woman finds herself organising her sister's wedding. Cue romantic mismatching and shenanigans.

Private Trailer (2004)

12 August 2004

A Palestinian family is trapped inside a house commandeered by Israeli soldiers.

Death Before Dishonor Trailer (1987)

20 February 1987

Gunnery Sergeant Burns reports for duty to an American Embassy in the Middle East. However due to the 'enlightened' views of the Ambassador, the marine security detachment he is in charge of is severely restricted in their functions and presence to avoid upsetting the host government.

Inertia Trailer (2015)

01 October 2015

Mira Segal wakes up screaming one morning to discover that her husband has disappeared. The police open a Missing Person file and advise her to wait.

Double Edge Trailer (1992)

30 September 1992

Upon arriving Israel on her first foreign assignment, American photojournalist Faye Milano is greeter

Hanna K. Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

A female American Israeli lawyer is defending a Palestinian charged by an Israeli court. It's a tough case because of strong political background.

Beyond the Walls II Trailer (1992)

02 January 1992

Directed by Uri Barbash.

Laila's Birthday Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

"At eight o'clock, it's Laila's birthday, okay?" Palestinian judge turned cab driver Abu Laila's wife reminds her husband.

La maison de la mémoire Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

Based on the novel "L'avenir est un crime du passé" an autobiographical novel of Arab cameraman Rahal Amin Touati, and "The house of certain Death" written by Albert Cosseri.

The Olive Harvest Trailer (2003)

02 January 2003

Upon his release from an Israeli prison, Mazen (Saade) begins to fall in love with Raeda (Adun), his friend since childhood who is already engaged to Taher (Najeeb), Mazen's younger brother.

Shelter Trailer (1989)

02 January 1989

Directed by Rashid Masharawi.

Nuzhat al-Fuad Trailer (2006)

11 October 2006

Odelia, a talented screenwriter, and her father,a well-known author, have a bond that is both complicated and demanding.

Esther Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

Ahasverus, king of Persia and Media, puts aside Vashti and makes Esther his queen, choosing her among maidens in a kingdom stretching from India to Ethiopia.

Scar Trailer (1995)

02 January 1995

Directed by Haim Bouzaglo.