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Student Affairs Trailer (1987)

02 July 1987

The story of a group of people who are making a film about life in high school in the 1950's.

If Looks Could Kill Trailer (1987)

01 December 1987

Private eye George accepts the job to shadow a woman and to film her on video. But it's a set-up: the film is manipulated and used against him when the woman is killed.

Escape from Safehaven Trailer (1988)

31 December 1988

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family seeks refuge in Safehaven, a community protected from the ravages of the outside world by a contingency of armed guards.

Found in Time Trailer (2012)

05 October 2012

Chris is a psychic who lives his life out of order - experiencing past, present and future as a jigsaw puzzle.

New York's Finest Trailer (1988)

02 April 1988

A cross dresser helps three whores on their search for rich husbands

Girls School Screamers Trailer (1986)

07 March 1986

Seven college girls spend the weekend at an elegant estate which begins as a fun filled adventure but ends in a nightmare of gut-wrenching terror.