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Amen. Trailer (2002)

13 February 2002

The film "Amen." examines the links between the Vatican and Nazi Germany. The central character is Kurt Gerstein, a member of the Institute for Hygiene of the Waffen-SS who is horrified by what he sees in the death camps.

Soul Kitchen Trailer (2009)

09 September 2009

SOUL KITCHEN film centers on a likable but hopelessly disorganized restauranteur, Zinos, whose cafe is second home to a motley crew of lovable eccentrics.

Run Lola Run Trailer (1998)

20 August 1998

Lola receives a phone call from her boyfriend Manny. He lost 100,000 DM in a subway train that belongs to a very bad guy.

Bibi Blocksberg Trailer (2002)

25 September 2002

In order to save some kids who are about to die in a fire, Bibi, the daughter of a prestigious witch, manages to trigger a heavy rain with her powers.

Four Minutes Trailer (2006)

23 June 2006

Jenny is young. Her life is over. She killed someone. And she would do it again. When an 80-year-old piano teacher discovers the girl’s secret, her brutality and her dreams, she decides to transform her pupil into the musical wunderkind she once was.

Bibi Blocksberg and the Secret of Blue Owls Trailer (2004)

29 September 2004

Poor Bibi - due to her bad marks in maths she has to spend the whole summer in the boarding school of Altenberg to scrape through a series of exams - otherwise she'd stay down in school, being forced to repeat the year.

Tattoo Trailer (2002)

04 April 2002

Marc Schrader, a rookie cop caught red-handed with drugs in a police raid of an illegal rave, joins a homicide investigation conducted by Chief Inspector Minks.

The Heart Is a Dark Forest Trailer (2007)

27 December 2007

The Manns - Novel of a Century Trailer (2001)

05 December 2001

Chronicle about Germany's most extraodinary literary family.

Obszön – Der Fall Peter Herzl Trailer (1981)

29 October 1981

A man mistaken for a terrorist starts living with a prostitute and her daughter.

Hilde Trailer (2009)

11 March 2009

A biography of Hildegard Knef, one of Germany's biggest post-war stars.

Max Minsky and Me Trailer (2007)

06 September 2007

Nerdy Jewish Nelly Sue Edelmeister, daughter of a New York mother and Berlin musician in Berlin gets straight A's, except for gym.

Love Is the Beginning of All Terror Trailer (1984)

07 March 1984

Story concerns two friends, Freya and Irmtraut and their relationships with the same man, Traugott, who finds it impossible to choose between the two women.

Marlene Trailer (2000)

09 March 2000

No overview found.

Lemmings, Part 2 – Injuries Trailer (1979)

03 May 1979

This two-part drama examines the fate of Haneke’s own generation which came of age after World War II.

The Murder Farm Trailer (2009)

19 November 2009

Im bayerischen Stil Trailer (1972)

27 October 1972

Adele Spitzeder Trailer (1972)

18 September 1972

The true story of Adele Spitzeder, who started her own private bank in 1870s Bavaria by promising everyone that gave her money high interest rates.

Kinder des Satans Trailer (1995)

26 May 1995

Der Hurenstreik - Eine Liebe auf St. Pauli Trailer (1999)

10 February 1999

No overview found.

Ladylike – Jetzt erst recht! Trailer (2010)

29 November 2010

Der Wunschbaum Trailer (2004)

10 November 2004

Der Unbekannte Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

Variation Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

The emotional story of an adulterous relationship between a journalist and a teacher.

Blumen für Polt Trailer (2001)

27 September 2001

Muttis Liebling Trailer (2007)

02 May 2007

Wolferl, a 38-year-old bank employee, still lives together with his overprotecting mother Maria. While his father Josef, who secretly plans to end his hypocritical marriage, and his sister Nannerl think Wolferl should become independent, mummy's boy seems to enjoy this lifestyle.

Die zweite Frau Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

No overview found.

Verlorenes Land Trailer (2002)

03 April 2002

The Joker Trailer (1987)

15 October 1987

Eine Liebe in Saigon Trailer (2006)

11 April 2006

Was wenn der Tod uns scheidet Trailer (2008)

27 August 2008

Maria an Callas Trailer (2006)

04 May 2006

After the death of his sick wife, a man discovers that she had an e-mail friend he did not know.

Ein starker Abgang Trailer (2008)

25 July 2008

Mittags auf dem Roten Platz Trailer (1978)

05 March 1978

Happy Hour oder Glück und Glas Trailer (2005)

01 March 2005

Mau Mau Trailer (1992)

28 May 1992

A couple of stories revolve around the last days of a stripclub called 'Mau Mau'.

Der Tote am Strand Trailer (2006)

01 December 2006

No overview found.

Midnight Cop Trailer (1988)

03 November 1988

Police Commissioner Alex Glass has been twisted into a sarcastic cynic by the hard luck story that is his life and by his daily contact with the criminals of Berlin's underground.

The Farewell Trailer (2000)

14 May 2000

A portrait of a single day in the late summer of 1956, toward the end of Bertolt Brecht's life, as he prepares to leave his lakeside home, surrounded by the women who form his extended family.

Mit meinen heißen Tränen Trailer (1986)

31 October 1986

Wedding Shower Trailer (2003)

14 December 2003

The film is based on the figure of the police inspector Simon Polt of the Austrian author Alfred Komarek.

Liebe ist die beste Medizin Trailer (2004)

16 July 2004

Marias letzte Reise Trailer (2005)

23 March 2005

Wellen Trailer (2005)

05 May 2005

Eine Liebe in Afrika Trailer (2003)

13 January 2003

Totalschaden Trailer (1998)

15 July 1998

Himmel, Polt und Hölle Trailer (2002)

30 November 2002

Babykram ist Männersache Trailer (2001)

17 January 2001

Polt muss weinen Trailer (2000)

26 December 2000

Es geschah am hellichten Tag Trailer (1997)

04 January 1997

No overview found.

Gefährliche Gefühle Trailer (2003)

10 November 2003

Dr. Robert Schumann, Teufelsromantiker Trailer (1999)

16 June 1999

Liebesschuld Trailer (2001)

26 September 2001

Frauen lügen nicht Trailer (1998)

30 April 1998

Die Sekretärinnen Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

No Sex Trailer (1999)

18 October 1999

Single sucht Nachwuchs Trailer (1998)

18 March 1998

Die einzige Chance Trailer (1998)

27 April 1998

Love Your Female Neighbor! Trailer (1998)

24 December 1998

Two young and attractive social workers/nuns bring fresh air into a city missionary station, but are also challenged by lust and money, offered by a millionaire.

Rosenzweigs Freiheit Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998