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Moon Ga-young is a South Korean actress. Moon was born in Karlsruhe, Germany to South Korean parents; her family moved back to Korea when she was 10 years old. She began her acting career in 2006 as a child actress, appearing in both film and television. In 2014, the teenage Moon played her first leading role as the titular character in Mimi, a four-episode mystery/romance drama that aired on cable channel Mnet.

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Bloody Reunion Trailer (2006)

03 August 2006

Mi-ja, who has been taking care of a retired teacher, Ms Park, invites several of her former students to her house 16 years after their graduation.

Salut d’Amour Trailer (2015)

09 April 2015

Sung-Chil works at the Jang-Soo Store which is owned by Jang-Soo. Sung-Chil is stubborn and has a bad temper, but he changes after meeting Geum-Nim.

Our Town Trailer (2007)

29 November 2007

Kyung-ju is a struggling novelist who writes violent and gory murder mysteries. When a fierce argument with his landlady ends in her death, he stages the killing so that it looks like the act of the serial killer that has been terrorizing his village.

Killer Toon Trailer (2013)

27 June 2013

A series of murders resembling Ji-yoon’s horror webcomic drawings occur and detective Ki-chul unravels the terrifying truth of the comics himself.

Twenty Again Trailer (2016)

03 November 2016

A female eye doctor and a male film director run into each other on the airplane to Milan. The two were lovers in the past, and are now in their middle ages.

Island Trailer (2015)

26 November 2015

Eclipse Trailer (2016)

30 March 2016

Yoonjae is a new student at the high school, who begins to hang out with the mysterious Sejoon. However, tensions begin to run at an all-time high between the two.

Island Trailer (2015)

26 November 2015

A pensive man visits an empty house. A neighbor tells him the house is haunted but he ignores it. Park Jinseong's second feature that takes place in Jeju Island gazes into the pain of life.

Bunt Trailer (2007)

26 April 2007

Filling the cups of classmates with a kettle is the only work 11-year-old Dong-ku, who is mentally retarded, can do in his school life.

Shadows in the Palace Trailer (2007)

18 October 2007

The film is set amongst a group of gungnyeo, or palace women in Korea during the time of the Joseon dynasty, and is primarily about the hidden dynamics that unfold between them.

Do You See Seoul? Trailer (2008)

08 May 2008

In 1976 on a remote island, schoolteacher Eun-young wants to take her students on a field trip to a cookie factory in Seoul.