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Mum started his career as a comedian in the Bangkok "cafe" scene (restaurants in Thailand with live music and comedy performances). He started his own comedy troupe with "Jaturong Mokjok". Mum became widely known to the public from the variety-game show Ching Roi Ching Lan (ชิงร้อยชิงล้าน) hosted by Panya Nirankul. He appeared in comedy section with his group members and performed stunts. He also co-hosted with another popular game show Wethithong (เวทีทอง) with Kiat Kitcharoen. He also has his own TV show named Mum Show, which airs every Saturday night.

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Love Slave Trailer (2014)

03 July 2014

Tas Rak Asoon is a classic love-hate drama in the vein of veteran director Pisarn Akarasenee, which Mum has made in his own, slapstick way.

Two Bikers Saves the World Trailer (2012)

07 November 2012

A Thai comedy about two lazy, quirky bikers who discover than an alien has infested Thailand. The buddies find themselves reluctant heroes when they have to lead the mission to save the world from the uninvited visitors.

Panya Raenu Trailer (2011)

17 February 2011

Panya Renu is a comedy set in a Northeastern Thailand village. It tells the story of a schoolboy who forms a traditional morlam band with his friends and hopes to win a prize in a provincial competition.

Panya Raenu 2 Trailer (2012)

26 January 2012

A follow up to the hit movie of the same name about a boy called Panya and his dreams of becoming a popular singer.

Pun Mae Bia Trailer (1993)

04 March 1993

Queen Cobra

Ghost Crocodile Trailer (1993)

03 March 1993

Ghost Crocodile

Mae Nak's Promise Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Pregnant Lady Nak dies giving birth in 1868, returns as a ghost and has her restless spirit trapped in a pot by a clergyman (with help from her husband).