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Loving Trailer (2017)

21 April 2017

Laura and Carlos love each other as if every day was the last, and perhaps that first love intensity is what will tear them apart a year later.

Buscant l'home perfecte Trailer (2008)

09 May 2008

Virginia, a girl disappointed several failed romantic relationships, decides to become a single mother and sets out to find the ideal man to become the father of her child.

Code 60 Trailer (2012)

01 January 2012

Eva, a young police department thefts of the Catalan police and eternal aspiring homicide department, is recruited to catch a serial murderer who is dedicated to killing older women.

Atlas de geografía humana Trailer (2007)

23 March 2007

Like the four seasons, the love history of four friends is recounted at 4 different times. One doesn't love her husband anymore, another is a single mother, the next one has an unfaithful husband and finally there is room for the shy spinster too.

El enigma Giacomo Trailer (2010)

17 July 2010

The old archaeologist Santiago Sanahuja (José María Blanco) takes half life investigating the veracity of the existence of a treasure, booty won the game by Giacomo Casanova.

Salvador: Historia de un milagro cotidiano Trailer (2007)

07 October 2007

Short film by Abdelatiff Hwidar awarded with the GOYA 2008 for Best Fiction Short Film.

Iris Trailer (2004)

16 July 2004

Febrer Trailer (2006)

11 August 2006

Proyecto Cassandra Trailer (2005)

27 April 2005

La gran mentira del rock'n'roll Trailer (2002)

05 December 2002