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Tokugawa: Woman's Genealogy Trailer (1968)

19 May 1968

A tragic love story involving the 5th Shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty and a woman who became one of his concubines.

Oniroku Dan: Best of SM Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

SM Daizenshu - Best of SM is basically clips from a few "popular" pinku films that is put into the context of a "story" - by adding "book-end" sequences that turn the film clips into slightly more than just a compilation film.

Flower and Snake Trailer (1974)

22 June 1974

Shizuka is the aristocratic wife of the president of a large company. When she wants to divorce her domineering husband, he orders his employee Yoshi, the son of an adult toy store owner, to train his wife to become sexually submissive.

Wife To Be Sacrificed Trailer (1974)

26 October 1974

A wife charges her husband with sexual battery. He escapes from the police and goes into hiding. In three years, she divorces him and tries to put the pieces of her life back in order, when suddenly he returns.

Noble Lady Bound Vase Trailer (1977)

10 December 1977

A rich man buys a wife, whose father was in debt. Months later, the man's sister comes to visit, and discovers that the wife is secretly in love with another man.

Absolutely Secret: Girl Torture Trailer (1968)

01 April 1968

Set in the Edo Era, the film opens with a group of women being convicted of various crimes. The rest of the film is given to graphic depiction of the tortures the women endure as part of their sentences.

Lady Moonflower Trailer (1976)

08 December 1976

Kizaki kidnaps Yuriko and engages in a rape and torture session with her, which he photographs. With the photos, he blackmails aristocratic flower arrangement teacher Yumeji, Yuriko's older sister.

Fairy in a Cage Trailer (1977)

04 June 1977

During the latter part of World War II, Judge Murayama, head of the Japanese military police, uses his position to falsely accuse, capture, imprison and torture women in whom he is interested.

Slave Wife Trailer (1976)

12 June 1976

When a stuck-up and privileged lady of a wealthy family is left to fend for herself, her butler decides to teach her some overdue humility through BDSM.

Fascination: Portrait of a Lady Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

Hisako Ōuchi (Naomi Tani) is the sexually-frustrated wife of the older art academy Professor Ōuchi (Minoru Ōkochi).

Lesbian World: Ecstasy Trailer (1975)

19 February 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Rope Cosmetology Trailer (1978)

02 December 1978

Kanako encounters her former ex-, Tomoe, at an exhibition of her husband's paintings. Eventually Kanako learns that Tomoe has taken lessons "to be a bitch" for the eccentric artist's BDSM interests.

High School Lynching Trailer (1975)

23 July 1975

Nikkatsu rape and revenge flick. This film is about a high school student played by Terumi Azuma who is captured and sexually tortured.

Lewd Bitch Trailer (1972)

01 September 1972

Pinku from 1972.

Memoirs of Modern Love: Curious Age Trailer (1967)

01 January 1967

While an obscene audio tape is played, a young woman has sex. She becomes obsessed with the recording and can only achieve orgasm if she is listening to it.

Wet Lust: Opening the Tulip Trailer (1975)

24 December 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Rope Hell Trailer (1978)

24 June 1978

Akiko is the heir to a yakuza clan. Hitoshi, who has been kicked out of the rival Hono Clan after attempting to seduce Akiko, kidnaps her at the behest of Hanamura.

Skin of Roses Trailer (1978)

09 September 1978

Naomi Tani plays Ritsuko , a popular madame of a nightclub. But, ever since her gangster husband got caught and imprisoned, her life has taken a turn for the worst.

In the Realm of Sex Trailer (1977)

22 April 1977

Satirizing the Roman Porno genre, and the Office Lady Journal series in particular. Naomi Tani and Yuko Katagiri appear as themselves in the film, making fun of their on-screen personae.

Tit for Tat Trailer (1972)

01 July 1972

Pinku from 1972.

Wet Vase Trailer (1976)

18 March 1976

Naomi Tani plays bar-owner Aki, whose entire world appears to be crumbing whenever she discovers her husband is having an affair along with her own mama.

Female Convict 101: Suck Trailer (1977)

06 August 1977

Roman women in prison movie...

Newlywed Hell Trailer (1975)

06 December 1975

The young and beautiful Yuki decides to leave her husband. She goes back to the place where she grew up.

Madame O Trailer (1967)

23 May 1967

After being brutally gang-raped, a young girl grows into a woman with a double life: She's a well-to-do doctor by day and, by night, a revenge-driven streetwalker who uses sex as a weapon.

Cruel Map of Women's Bodies Trailer (1967)

28 October 1967

Yōko is a young woman who is forced into prostitution by a yakuza gang. She repeatedly escapes from the gang, and is repeatedly captured, and repeatedly tortured at length.

A Certain Eromaniac Trailer (1968)

01 August 1968

Tsuruoka is a college scienceteacher bent on capturing coeds and torturing them. He's aided by Masayoshi Nogami, who - in keeping with his cinematic reputation - enjoys brutally raping the girls after Tsuruoka snatches them.

Bed Dance Trailer (1967)

01 January 1967

The husband of a young wife discovers she has a promiscuous background as a bar hostess. Feeling that his honor has been slighted, he refuses to have intimate relations with her.

Vicious Doctor Trailer (1966)

01 June 1966

Pinku from 1966.

Special Trailer (1967)

01 April 1967

Pinku from 1967.

Bakeneko Toruko furo Trailer (1975)

29 January 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Slave Widow Trailer (1967)

11 July 1967

After her husband's suicide, young and beautiful Mitsuko Fuji feels alone and helpless -- until one of her husband's major creditors, Mr.

Rope and Skin Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Okoma (literally, Red Cherry) was a woman gambler until she retired from the yakuza world. Two years later, she returns home, and finds that the big boss has been assassinated and his daughter is having trouble keeping things in line against the rival gang headed by the men who killed her father.

Lady Black Rose Trailer (1978)

01 April 1978

Saori is the wealthy, unfaithful wife of the impotent Kosaku. When she returns from a trip abroad, Tsumura, Kosaku's assistant, meets her and takes Saori to an apartment.

Cruelty: Black Rose Torture Trailer (1975)

26 April 1975

In pre-war Japan, Yumiko, an aristocratic lady, accompanied by her maid, travels to Tokyo to visit her brother.

Finger Mischief Trailer (1971)

01 July 1971

Pinku from 1971.

Amai taiken: Aijin kankei Trailer (1975)

12 January 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Rape! Trailer (1976)

07 February 1976

A rape victim realizes that she enjoys sexual assault and continuously offers herself to be raped while searching for her original rapist.

Oryu's Passion: Bondage Skin Trailer (1975)

18 June 1975

When the boss of a yakuza clan in 1920s Osaka is assassinated, Oryu, his mistress, vows revenge. Her search for the killer takes her out of the city.

Black Rose Ascension Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

Shin Kishida stars as Juzo, a self-important pinku eiga director clearly modeled on Nagisa Oshima. Production is halted on his new film when lead actress Meiko (Meika Seri) is too obviously pregnant to film sex scenes.

Confessions of a Pillow Geisha: Bedroom Techniques Trailer (1971)

01 December 1971

Pinku from 1971.

She-Beasts, Warm Bodies Trailer (1972)

09 February 1972

Pinku from 1972.

Nasty Diver Trailer (1977)

23 July 1977

Pinku from 1977.

The Cruel History of Prisoners Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

Three short stories dealing with extreme punishment towards promiscuous women

Painful Bliss: Final Twist Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

It's the story of a college coed who secretly works as a bar hostess to make money for her schooling.