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Nenji Kobayashi (born February 7, 1943) is a Japanese actor. He won the award for best supporting actor at the 23rd Japan Academy Prize for Poppoya.

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The Twilight Samurai Trailer (2002)

02 November 2002

Seibei Iguchi leads a difficult life as a low ranking samurai at the turn of the nineteenth century. A widower with a meager income, Seibei struggles to take care of his two daughters and senile mother.

Café Lumière Trailer (2004)

01 September 2004

Making her way through life by forming superficial relationships, Yoko (Japanese pop idol Yo Hitoto) keeps everyone at arm's length, whether it's her father (Nanji Kobayashi) and stepmother (Kimiko Yo) or Hajime (Tadanobu Asano), the owner of a small bookstore who could be the father of her unborn child.

The Ballad of Narayama Trailer (1983)

09 April 1983

In a small village in a valley everyone who reaches the age of 70 must leave the village and go to a certain mountain top to die.

Nagasaki: Memories of My Son Trailer (2015)

12 December 2015

Nobuko (Sayuri Yoshinaga) works in Nagasaki, Japan as a midwife. Her son died 3 years earlier from the atomic bomb.

Time of Wickedness Trailer (1985)

26 January 1985

Filled with guilt over his forbidden desires, young man leaves home and his studies. He finds a new smaller place to stay, a low-paying but satisfying job and a girlfriend.

It All Began When I Met You Trailer (2013)

22 November 2013

Six love stories following the love lives of ten different people.

Tokyo Family Trailer (2013)

18 January 2013

In this film director Yoji Yamada bows down before his teacher and role model. Yamada was assistant director on Yazujirō Ozu’s Tōkyō monogatari, a moving family portrait set after the Second World War.

Love and Honor Trailer (2006)

01 December 2006

A look at the relationship between a young blind samurai (Kimura) and his wife, who will make a sacrifice in order to defend her husband's honor.

Bound for the Fields, the Mountains, and the Seacoast Trailer (1986)

04 October 1986

During the fervently nationalist months leading up to World War II, a rebellious teenager is transferred to a new primary school in a small Inland Sea town.

The Longest Tunnel Trailer (1982)

16 October 1982

After a passenger ship sinks in 1954, Go Akutsu devises a life-saving project in the form of a tunnel under the Tsugaru Strait.

Railroad Man Trailer (1999)

05 June 1999

A railway stationmaster at a dying end-of-the-line village in Hokkaido is haunted by memories of his dead wife and daughter.

Crazy Thunder Road Trailer (1980)

24 May 1980

Visions of a bleak, post-apocalyptic urban wasteland strewn with twisted hunks of mechanical wreckage.

The Mosquito on the Tenth Floor Trailer (1983)

02 July 1983

A lower-middle-class policeman lives decadently, chasing cheap beer and girls at the same time he's running from loan sharks and his personal expectations.

Winter's Flower Trailer (1978)

17 June 1978

Kanno (Ken Takakura) is a Yakuza. He had to kill Matsuoka who betrayed their boss. Kanno knew Matsuoka had a 3-year-old daughter named Youko.

Tracked Trailer (1985)

26 October 1985

When a fugitive begins a romance with the woman hiding him from the law, it becomes uncertain whether he will ever escape the shadow of his heinous crimes--or the detectives hot on his trail.

Dangerous Cops: Final 5 Days Trailer (2016)

30 January 2016

30 January 2016 (Japan)

Tsubaki Sanjûrô Trailer (2007)

01 December 2007

"Tsubaki Sanjuro" is a remake of Sanjuro (1962) by Akira Kurosawa. Sanjuro returns with sharper, faster, subtler sword, talking and perception.

About Her Brother Trailer (2010)

30 January 2010

Ginko’s younger brother Tetsuro, a failed comedian, is the oddball of the family. Embarrassing, loud and plain inappropriate at times causes Ginko to disown him.

The Drifting Classroom Trailer (1987)

11 July 1987

Released a decade after Hausu, Hyôryu Kyôshitsu is a live-action adaptation of Kazuo Umezu’s manga of the same name, which was serialised between 1972 and 1974.

Yasha Trailer (1985)

31 August 1985

Retired yakuza gangster Shuji (Ken Takakura) moves back from Osaka to a remote coastal village to start a new life as a fisherman with his family, his arrival from the city coinciding with that of the beautiful bar hostess Keiko (Yuko Tanaka, who provided the voice of Lady Eboshi in Princess Mononoke).

The Firefly Trailer (2001)

01 May 2001

Japanese film icon Ken Takakura, who has starred in over 100 films, stars in this elegiac look at war and remembrance.

Water Moon Trailer (1989)

16 December 1989

As the monk Ryuun, whose past and origin make him prone to internal and external fits, leaves the temple towards Tokyo, he gets to catch a glimpse of enlightenment resonating with the blind Kanoko.

Miss Lonely Trailer (1985)

12 April 1985

A lonely high schooler suddenly meets the love of his life out of thin air. Is she a real person or a figment of his imagination?

A Class to Remember 4: Fifteen Trailer (2000)

11 November 2000

Bored with school, 15-year-old Daisuke Kawashima embarks on a pilgrimage to visit the 7,000-year-old cedar tree on distant Yakushima Island.

Marks Trailer (1995)

22 April 1995

Police investigate a series of grisly murders.

Golden Partners Trailer (1979)

28 April 1979

A motorcycle cop and a freelance photographer, having learned the location of 1 billion yen's worth of the Imperial Navy's gold, team up to salvage it.

Why Not? Trailer (1981)

08 January 1981

The film depicts carnivalesque atmosphere summed up by the cry "Ee ja nai ka" ("Why not?") in Japan in 1867 and 1868 in the days leading to the Meiji Restoration.

Nodo-Jiman Trailer (1999)

15 January 1999

Traditional Japanese pop singer Reiko (Muroi) decides to enter a well-known TV program for amateur singers along with a confused teenager (Ôtomo) and a 40-year-old father of four (Bito).

Glorious Fights Trailer (1966)

29 October 1966

A young leader of the Yamazaki family of Nagasaki, Takida (Ken Takakura) is an A-bomb survivor. He fiercely battles violent elements in southern Japan like there is no tomorrow.

Free and Easy 9 Trailer (1997)

06 September 1997

The film focuses on salaryman Densuke Hamasaki (a.k.a. Hama-chan), whom his supervisor Sasaki has dubbed the "Fishing Baka" because of his passion for fishing.

Home Sweet Home Trailer (2000)

14 October 2000

"Home Sweet Home" deals with a family who, unable to cope with their aging grandfather's worsening dementia, abandon him at a group home for the elderly.

A Homance Trailer (1986)

09 October 1986

Early Spring Story Trailer (1985)

14 September 1985

A university student Hitomi falls in love with a middle-aged man Okawa, who was the lover of her deceased mother.

Torn Priestess Trailer (1977)

08 April 1977

A woman on the run is raped, rescued, then raped again. Escaping, she heads for the hills and finds safe haven at a convent.

Love Lost in Tears Trailer (1973)

11 August 1973

Japanese “kayo” film based on the song by "Namida koi" by Aki Yashiro.

Choji Snack Bar Trailer (1983)

12 November 1983

Eiji, also known as Choji, quits the shipyard to start Izakaya [Snack Bar] Choji with his wife Shigeko on the outskirts of Hakodate.

The Revolt Trailer (1980)

15 January 1980

When a young soldier is killed while trying to prevent his younger sister, Kaoru, from being sold into a life of prostitution, his commander, Col.