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Praybeyt Benjamin Trailer (2011)

26 October 2011

When a civil war in the Philippines breaks out, a gay man born into a military family is forced to enlist in place of his ailing father.

Tatlong Bibe Trailer (2017)

01 March 2017

A story about love, hope, giving, sharing, forgiving and three ducks.

Once A Princess Trailer (2014)

06 August 2014

A high school princess is cursed by the geek whose affections she toyed with.

Skewered Trailer (2013)

16 July 2013

Due to a road rage between two buses, an accident occurs which puts the lives of its passengers in jeopardy.

Hey Babe! Trailer (1999)

25 August 1999

Every Friday, Abigail religiously consults Madame Lola, a fortune teller. The old shrewd lady takes advantage of Abigail’s extreme grip on superstition by giving her signs about the perfect man for her.

Always Be My Maybe Trailer (2016)

24 February 2016

The story of Tintin and Jake as they both try recover from their respective failed relationships.

Bromance: My Brother's Romance Trailer (2013)

14 May 2013

A young man is forced to pretend to be his estranged gay brother in order to keep a major business from falling through.

That Thing Called Tanga Na Trailer (2016)

10 August 2016

A story about five friends Papa Chui is the eldest among the group and has a boy toy whom he supports financially, more than what he needed.

Bekikang: My Gay Mother Trailer (2013)

23 October 2013

Bekikang is left and abandoned with a baby boy by friend, Fortunato. He loves and raises the child as his own flesh and blood.

Babe, I Love You Trailer (2010)

03 April 2010

Opposites attract in this satisfying Filipino romance, which centers on Nico (Sam Milby), a handsome and wealthy architecture professor who cannot stop himself from falling in love with free-spirited Sasa (Anne Curtis), a beautiful promo girl with a shady past.

Enteng ng Ina mo Trailer (2011)

25 December 2011

Enteng wants to retire as the hero of Engkantasya and have a normal life with his family without the magical elements.

Out of Style Trailer (2002)

22 August 2002

Filipinos from all different backgrounds deal with the intricacies of daily life.

The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin Trailer (2014)

25 December 2014

A soldier who once saved the entire country is assigned to guard a genius child whose intellect is needed to foil the plans of an evil villain.

The Only Mother Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

The story evolves around the ups and downs of being a single mother, Ina the main protaganist. Her three husbands leave her with 12 children and a financial problems that she needs to shoulder.

Moron 5.2: The Transformation Trailer (2014)

05 November 2014

Five men with low IQs become superheroes in an attempt to make their children proud of them.

D' Lucky Ones! Trailer (2006)

15 April 2006

Tina and Lea are best friends who are also avid fans of Vilma Santos. They were inseparable until Lea decides to leave the country and go to Korea.

Your Only Mother: This Is The Last! Trailer (2010)

25 December 2010

A few months after Ina left the position as the President of the Philippines, she is back in the media limelight as she releases a book of her life in her journey as a mother to her children and as a mother to the people of the Philippines.

Forever and a Day Trailer (2011)

15 June 2011

Eugene arrives in Bukidnon with only one intention: to forget his problems at work. But when he meets Raffy and as they travel and go on ridiculous and death-defying activities together, they start to form a friendship that goes beyond Euge’s original plan.

Oo Na... Mahal Na Kung Mahal Trailer (1999)

29 September 1999

A Filipino coming-of-age film directed by Johnny Manahan.

To Wed or Not Trailer (2011)

31 August 2011

Toni and Uge play close cousins in this movie. One is trying to end her marriage and the other trying to get married.

In My Life Trailer (2009)

16 September 2009

Shirley is a woman who wants to be in control of everything. Working as a librarian in a public school, a firm "Sshhh!" from her makes the students tremble in fear.

Mirage Trailer (2003)

25 December 2003

Sarah is a young woman with the gift of seeing and hearing things before they happen. As a child, she sees her father’s death before it happens.

Now That I Have You Trailer (2004)

13 August 2004

Two strangers who board at the same station to commute on the MRT form an unlikely bond in this drama.

Got 2 Believe Trailer (2002)

27 February 2002

A photographer (Rico Yan) publishes a series of pictures detailing a lovelorn wedding planner's (Claudine Barretto) many embarrassing moments as a perpetual bridesmaid.

Bcuz Of U Trailer (2004)

17 November 2004

This movie encloses three intertwining love stories of six different people through a vintage car: Ria and RJ share the perfect relationship until she chickens out on their wedding.

Muling Ibalik Ang Tamis Ng Pag-ibig Trailer (1998)

29 April 1998

Millet hired Jay, who pretended to be a gay, as as her pseudo-husband in order to avoid a fixed marriage which she totally opposes to.

Adolescence Trailer (1998)

10 June 1998

How can these five teenage friends Lester Carmona, Ram Barredo, G-Boy Velasco, Homer Arandia, and Hans Tolentino overcome the pressures and challenges of growing up? Lester, who craves for the love and attention of his parents, keeps on doing his rebellious stints for him to feel less neglected and unwanted.

Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay Trailer (1998)

14 October 1998

Anna and Alex fall in love in nostalgic Ilocos. But their individual dreams and responsibilities get in the way of their relationship.