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Valentin and Valentina Trailer (1985)

12 December 1985

Valentin and Valentina love each other and want to marry. But their mothers are strongly against this marriage.

Terra Nova Trailer (2008)

08 August 2008

A story, which takes place in 2013, describes the world overflowing with "dangerous" criminals due to the official termination of death penalty.

The Castle Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

Closely based on Franz Kafka's book "Das SchloƟ", the movie shares the same action on a land surveyor who is called to a village to do a job that no one seems to have ordered.

The Left-Hander Trailer (1987)

16 March 1987

Tsar Alexander I acquires a mechanical flea to add to his collection of curiosities.

Tale about the enamored painter Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

Reed Paradise Trailer (1989)

25 March 1989

A young man is abducted by mafia and forced to work in the underground factory.

Cumparsita Trailer (1993)

08 December 1993

Anya is brought up in an orphanage, she has been in the school of ballroom dancing. She falls in love with the head of school, who is much older than her.