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Boy 7 Trailer (2015)

20 August 2015

A teenager wakes up in a subway car with no memory of how he got there or who he is.

Run Lola Run Trailer (1998)

20 August 1998

Lola receives a phone call from her boyfriend Manny. He lost 100,000 DM in a subway train that belongs to a very bad guy.

Bibi Blocksberg and the Secret of Blue Owls Trailer (2004)

29 September 2004

Poor Bibi - due to her bad marks in maths she has to spend the whole summer in the boarding school of Altenberg to scrape through a series of exams - otherwise she'd stay down in school, being forced to repeat the year.

Schweigeminute Trailer (2016)

31 October 2016

Children of the Open Road Trailer (1992)

15 August 1992

In 1939, after barely escaping the Nazis, a Gypsy family returns to Switzerland only to be torn apart by racial persecution in the benign guise of children's welfare.

My Daughter's Tears Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

Police arrest a woman for the murder of his five years son. She claims to have drunk the night before and not knowing what happened to his small son, but the gun crime appears in her bed and have their fingerprints.

Unter Frauen Trailer (2012)

20 September 2012

Alex ist Anfang 30, smart und gut aussehend, und wickelt die Frauen reihenweise um den Finger, braust danach aber genauso schnell wieder in seinem Sportwagen davon.

Big Girls Don't Cry Trailer (2002)

24 October 2002

Kati and Steffi have been best friends since they were six. Now they're both 17 and enjoying the ups and downs of becoming adults together.

Dissonance Trailer (2015)

07 February 2015

A pianist plays in a huge theatre on a cylindrical piano, which is rotated by his dwarf assistant. The theatre is part of a huge, spherical city.

Junges Licht Trailer (2016)

12 May 2016

No Place to Go Trailer (2000)

20 April 2000

Flanders, a famous female author, travels 1989 after the fall of the Berlin wall into the German capitol.

Help! I'm a Boy Trailer (2002)

17 October 2002

In Hamburg, an aged sorcerer is searching for a replacement. Freddie, who's about 12, finds the wizard's book of spells and knows enough to read a few lines to his friend Emma.

Emma's Bliss Trailer (2006)

16 July 2006

Upon being informed that he is fatally ill with cancer, Max, who works at a used car store, steals money which his boss has gained through illegal means.

Eltern lügen besser Trailer (2017)

01 October 2017

Der alte Affe Angst Trailer (2003)

14 February 2003

Oskar Roehler's drama Der Alte Affe Angst (Angst) is about the dissolution of a couple. Robert (Andre Hennicke) and Marie (Marie Baumer) have little in common other than their sex life.

The Last Will Trailer (2014)

23 October 2014

A short drama directed by Dustin Loose.

Kehrtwende Trailer (2011)

13 April 2011

Tod eines Mädchens Trailer (2015)

09 February 2015

2 für alle Fälle - Manche mögen Mord Trailer (2012)

19 January 2012

Deadly Maria Trailer (1994)

03 February 1994

No overview found.

Die Spionin Trailer (2013)

24 July 2013

Vera von Schalburg is a German prostitute working in Nazi Germany. In 1938, one year before the outbreak of World War II, Schalburg is arrested by the Berlin police.

Life Is No Piece of Cake Trailer (2012)

21 November 2012

Kim is a 15-year-old outsider who wears sombre make-up, likes Nordic sagas and spends her nights at her mother’s graveside.

Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb Trailer (2005)

19 January 2005

No overview found.

Die Frau aus dem Meer Trailer (2008)

29 September 2008

Berlin: Hauptstadt korrupter Populisten, zynischer Journalisten und fieser Gangster. Regisseur und Drehbuchautor Niki Stein hängt sich mit seiner Story weit aus dem Fenster: Im Hals einer Frauenleiche am Husumer Strand steckt ein Papier mit der Handynummer des Starreporters Kress (Ulrich Tukur).

Ich back' mir einen Mann Trailer (2003)

02 December 2003

2 für alle Fälle - Ein Song für den Mörder Trailer (2010)

11 March 2010

Playa del Futuro Trailer (2005)

09 June 2005

Den Traum vom Lebensabend im sonnigen Spanien haben sich inzwischen immer mehr Deutsche erfüllt. Die iberische Halbinsel wird bei Aussteigern immer beliebter.

Theo, Agnes, Bibi und die anderen Trailer (2007)

29 August 2007

No overview found.

Die Spielerin Trailer (2005)

17 June 2005

Filmerzählung nach Motiven des Romans "Der Spieler" von Fjodor Dostojewski, mit Hannelore Elsner in der Titelrolle.

Planet der Kannibalen Trailer (2001)

17 November 2001

A television reporter searches for alien life forms and gets entangeled in a web of intrigue.

The Journey to Kafiristan Trailer (2001)

27 September 2001

In 1939, the author Annemarie Schwarzenbach and the ethnologist Ella Maillart travel together by car to Kabul, but each is in pursuit of her own project.

Die Konferenz Trailer (2005)

04 February 2005

The Woman Who Doubted Dr. Fabian Trailer (2002)

15 August 2002

Der blinde Fleck Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

No overview found.

Dear Enemy Trailer (2006)

28 March 2006

Dear Enemy tells the true story of the director’s grandfather who became friends with a German officer during the WWII German occupation of Albania while hiding a partisan, an Italian soldier and a Jewish watchmaker in his cellar.

Villa Henriette Trailer (2004)

02 December 2004

Vorspiel mit Nachspiel Trailer (2001)

02 October 2001

Ende einer Leidenschaft Trailer (1997)

12 May 1997

Nach uns die Sintflut Trailer (1996)

30 October 1996

A disaster-movie made in Germany.

Eine Frage des Gewissens Trailer (2006)

29 March 2006

Die Pathologin - Im Namen der Toten Trailer (2006)

30 January 2006

Mutterglück Trailer (2006)

18 October 2006

Mein absolutes Lieblingslied Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

Verzweiflung Trailer (2000)

12 October 2000

Train Birds Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

Hannes is a beer-truck driver in Dortmund. His biggest dream is to win the first prize at the International Time-Table Contest in Inari (Finland).

Kissenschlacht Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

Weil ich gut bin! Trailer (2002)

23 January 2002

Schöne Männer hat man nie für sich allein Trailer (2004)

13 April 2004

Verdammte Gefühle Trailer (2002)

17 September 2002

Bis zum Horizont und weiter Trailer (1999)

27 January 1999

Nie mehr zweite Liga Trailer (2000)

21 March 2000

Barmherzige Schwestern Trailer (1993)

25 November 1993

Die Unschuld der Krähen Trailer (1998)

27 September 1998

Angeschlagen Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Ich und Christine Trailer (1993)

02 September 1993

Das gestohlene Leben Trailer (2000)

17 January 2000

Alone Among Women Trailer (1991)

06 November 1991

Tom is a perfect macho, whose prejudices are challenged when he loses his job, his apartment and his girlfriend and has to move in into a house with three feminists.

Stalin's Bride Trailer (1991)

14 August 1991

At a dusty crossroads in the Soviet Union villagers surrender their possessions - a horse, a samovar, a goat - to the state.

Silent Shadow Trailer (1991)

26 October 1991

A drama directed by Sherry Hormann.

Todesreigen Trailer (1993)

19 May 1993