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Cold Summer of 1953 Trailer (1988)

03 December 1988

In 1953, the year Stalin died, many prisoners (some political, but mostly common criminals) were released from the Soviet Gulags.

The Last Bottomhole Trailer (2006)

08 August 2006

A drama about a life of ordinary people in a small mining town.

Chekist Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Srubov is a part of CHEKA, the secret police Lenin established after the Bolshevik Revolution. They arrest, interview for a minute, try in ten seconds, and execute intellectuals, aristocrats, Jews, clergy, and their families.

Wolfhound of the Grey Dog Clan Trailer (2006)

28 December 2006

He was doomed to die, but managed to survive, and now his mission is to revenge for the annihilation of his tribe.

The Priest Trailer (2009)

04 April 2009

Peculiarities of the National Politics Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

General Ivolgin, forester Kuzmich, and good-natured Lyova now are going into politics.

Legend No. 17 Trailer (2013)

17 April 2013

Biopic of Russian ice hockey legend Valeri Kharlamov from early childhood, rising to the pinnacle ofh

My Friend Ivan Lapshin Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

Moi drug Ivan Lapshin is loosely based on several literary works of his father, Iurii German, mainly on his 1938 novel Lapshin.

No Need to Grieve Trailer (2010)

16 March 2010

A funny comedy about the adventures of the people living in a small village on a border between Russia and Belarus.

American Bet Trailer (1997)

06 June 1997

A story about a love between two teenagers set in the small Russian town during sixties.

The Fatal Eggs Trailer (1995)

05 May 1995

Based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel of the same name.

God's Smile Trailer (2008)

12 August 2008

A determined student from Chicago is forced to fulfill the last wish of his ailing grandfather. He has to travel to Odessa, Ukraine, and bring back his grandfather's cat.

The Fountain Trailer (1989)

08 September 1989

A story of a Moscow's apartment building that is slowly falling apart, literally. First, the hot water has been cut off by an old man from Asia, who could not stand it being wasted.

Window to Paris Trailer (1993)

01 December 1993

Nikolai (played by Sergei Dontsov) has been fired from his job as a music teacher and has to live in the gym until he finds a place to stay.

The Muslim Trailer (1995)

06 June 1995

A Russian soldier who spent ten years in captivity in Afghanistan, returns to his home village and shocks all its inhabitants because of his conversion to Islam.

Kings Can Do Everything Trailer (2008)

06 March 2008

On a visit to Russia, a young princess escapes her handlers for an adventure in the city.

Fonogramma Strasti Trailer (2009)

06 June 2009

Vita, an employee of a private spy agency, is handed a case of tapping into and listening to the mysterious life of a new "client".

A Will to Live Trailer (2014)

03 November 2014

A story about a few men and the autumn of their lives...

To See Paris and Die Trailer (1992)

06 June 1992

In Russia in the late 1960s, Elena will do anything to see that her son Yuri succeeds as a pianist: she longs for him to win a competition that will send him to Paris.

Believe It or Not Trailer (1984)

01 June 1984

A Savage Trailer (2002)

06 June 2002

A new screen version of the play of the same name, written by Aleksandar Ostrovski. After a long time spent traveling abroad, the aging landowner Aleksandar Ashmetev returns to his mansion.

The Barracks Trailer (1999)

09 August 1999

In a small community in the Ural mountains of Russia in 1953, just after Stalin's death, Barracks begins with the arrival of Olga (Irina Senotova).

Kuda Ischez Fomenko? Trailer (1981)

06 June 1981

Поняв, что Фоменко сбежал от унылой жизни, семья и товарищи иначе взглянули на отношения между собой.

Anekdoty Trailer (1990)

01 August 1990