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Voor Elkaar Gemaakt Trailer (2017)

20 April 2017

After a bizarre one night stand leaves him infertile, a careless bachelor sets out to connect with the television presenter who, as the result of the anonymous sperm donation he once made, happens to be pregnant with his child.

The Resistance Banker Trailer (2018)

08 March 2018

In the occupied Netherlands during World War II, banker Walraven van Hall (Barry Atsma) is asked to use his financial contacts to help the Dutch resistance.

Men in the City 2 Trailer (2015)

17 December 2015

A lot has changed in the lives of our men, but in the sequel to Men in the City, finding their true love turns out to be everything but a fairytale.

Men in the City Trailer (2013)

28 November 2013

Following the love lives of different types of men in Amsterdam.

Popoz Trailer (2015)

08 October 2015

Festival favorite Huub Smit (New Kids Nitro; New Kids Turbo; Bros Before Hos) stars as a Dutch cop raised on far too many American action films in this outrageous action comedy.

Alibi Trailer (2008)

13 February 2008

Youssef, a professional liar, falls in love with airhead waitress Andrea. Things get awry as she never wants to date a guy who keeps secrets or lies.

All the Time in the World Trailer (2011)

14 April 2011

When Molly, the 21 year-old sister of Maarten, departs the family home, she leaves her older brother with empty nest syndrome.

Tonio Trailer (2016)

13 October 2016

On 23 May 2010, 21-year-old Tonio van der Heijden was hit by a car and taken in a critical condition to hospital, where he died.

Best Friends – The Movie Trailer (2015)

18 June 2015

News that the school is supposed to suddenly close causes great agitation among the students. They decide to take direct action by occupying their school.

In My Father's Garden Trailer (2016)

25 February 2016

The story of a loving man and father who falls under the influence of an extremely orthodox Protestant sect.

Younger Days Trailer (2017)

19 October 2017

A group of friends – musicians, ex-musicians and their companions – gather in an old house (once a squat) in the countryside to scatter the ashes of their friend and hero, KAS.

Weg van jou Trailer (2017)

19 October 2017

Rabarber Trailer (2014)

08 January 2014

Sometimes it takes a child or two to fix the adult problems! Siems mother and father are divorced , but his father Rik has found love again , and be married to Winnie's mother Tosca .

De sterkste man van Nederland Trailer (2011)

14 January 2011

The Body Collector Trailer (2016)

04 November 2016

The mini-series is based on the true story of journalist Hans Knoop, who attempts to find the truth behind the then not yet prosecuted war criminal Pieter Menten.