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Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris Trailer (1999)

06 March 1999

This final installment of the recent Gamera trilogy begins with schoolgirl Ayana discovering a large egg in a cave that, according to legend, houses demons.

Tomie: Forbidden Fruit Trailer (2002)

29 June 2002

A shy young girl named Tomie lives alone in a dreary house with her widowed father and is bullied by girls in her high school.

L'amant Trailer (2004)

05 February 2004

When three older men buy a 17-year-old schoolgirl named Chikako (Ando Nozomi) for a year's-worth of sexual services -- her motivation, aside from money, is never explained -- the relationships among the men (whom she calls A.

Sakuya: Slayer of Demons Trailer (2000)

12 August 2000

The eruption of Mt. Fuji in 1707 released hordes of demons from deep inside the earth. Sakuya, the young daughter of a samurai killed fighting these demons, accepts a mission to travel to Mt.

Flic Trailer (2005)

22 January 2005

Kazuo Murata (Teruyuki Kagawa) is a detective who has lost his wife and eventually the meaning of his existence.

World's End / Girlfriend Trailer (2005)

10 September 2005

Shinnosuke (Kiyohiko Shibukawa) and Misawa (Keishi Nagatsuka) are joint managers of a Bonsai shop. Suddenly Shinnosuke's childhood friend Haruko (Mami Nakamura) turns up.

Kibakichi Trailer (2004)

07 February 2004

A werewolf samurai walks the countryside, finding himself in the middle of a village of monsters who feed on human flesh.

Boy Meets Ghost Trailer (2006)

19 August 2006

Live action adaptation of the manga series. Hanada Ichiro is a mischievous boy, who attains the ability to see and talk to the supernatural after an accident to the back of his head.

Gurozuka Trailer (2005)

21 October 2005

A fun getaway turns into a journey to Hell for some teenage girls visiting an isolated house to rehearse and perform a play for their private movie club.

Touch Trailer (2005)

10 September 2005

Twin brothers, Tatsuya (Shota Saito) and Kazuya (Keita Saito), grew up with their next door neighbor Minami (Masami Nagasawa) like siblings.