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Sailor Uniform: Lily Lovers Trailer (1983)

24 June 1983

For the indiscriminating viewer who simply wants a story about pretty naked girls in lesbian embrace, this is the movie to see.

OL百合族 19歳 Trailer (1984)

27 July 1984

Two young women, Minako and Naomi, have been friends and lovers since their school days, and are now living as roommates in the city, working together for a large company.

Beautiful Sisters: Strip! Trailer (1985)

09 March 1985

Story of two beautiful sisters.

Sailor Uniform: Lily Lovers 2 Trailer (1983)

14 October 1983

two girls love each other

The Body Is Willing Trailer (1983)

19 November 1983

A wealthy playboy sets out to sleep with Japan's foremost recording artist, Mari Yamasaki, despite her wishes to the contrary.