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From Wikipedia Ólga Vladímirovna Baclanova, (19 August 1896 – 6 September 1974) was a Russian-born actress and operatic singer, who achieved prominence during the silent film era and was often billed under her last name only, as Baclanova, similarly to the surname only nomenclature assigned to fellow countryman Nazimova. She was billed as the "Russian Tigress" and remains most noted by modern audiences for portraying Cleopatra in Tod Browning's horror movie Freaks (1932), which features a cast of actual carnival sideshow freaks. Baclanova first came to New York City with the 1925 touring production of the Moscow Art Theatre's Lysistrata. Though the rest of the company returned to Russia in 1926, she stayed to pursue career in the United States. A statuesque blonde, Baclanova quickly established herself as a popular actress in American silent movies and achieved a notable success with The Docks of New York (1928), directed by Josef von Sternberg. Later that year, she also appeared in The Man Who Laughs as Duchess Josiana, the femme fatale love interest to Conrad Veidt's disfigured hero. The introduction of talking films proved difficult for Baclanova, as audiences did not respond to her heavy Russian accent. She no longer secured leading roles, and was relegated to supporting parts. Her career was in decline when she was offered the role of the cruel circus performer Cleopatra in Tod Browning's film Freaks (1932) This horror movie, which featured actual carnival freaks, was highly controversial and screened only briefly before being withdrawn. It would be 30 years before Freaks gained a cult following. The movie did not revive Baclanova's film career, which ended in 1943. Baclanova worked extensively on stage in London's West End and in New York, for about 10 years starting in the mid-1930s. In 1943 she appeared in "Claudia" at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington. Baclanova was married three times and bore two sons with her first and second husbands. The birth of her second son with actor Nicholas Soussanin was front page news and covered quite extensively in the press in 1930. After her retirement she settled in Vevey, Switzerland, where she died in 1974.

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Freaks Trailer (1932)

20 February 1932

A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.

The Man Who Laughs Trailer (1928)

27 April 1928

Gwynplaine, son of Lord Clancharlie, has a permanent smile carved on his face by the King, in revenge for Gwynplaine's father's treachery.

The Docks of New York Trailer (1928)

16 September 1928

A blue-collar worker on New York's depressed waterfront finds his life changed after he saves a woman attempting suicide.

Claudia Trailer (1943)

03 December 1943

Child bride Claudia Naughton has made life difficult for her husband David because she can't stand living so far away from her mother.

Downstairs Trailer (1932)

06 August 1932

Downstairs was a very personal project for John Gilbert - he conceived, co-wrote and starred as the leading cad in this black comedy of manners, with Virginia Bruce and Paul Lukas co-starring.

Avalanche Trailer (1928)

10 November 1928

The Great Lover Trailer (1931)

18 July 1931

An aspiring classical singer is romanced by both a famous opera star and his younger understudy.

Cheer Up and Smile Trailer (1930)

22 June 1930

When a popular radio singer is knocked unconscious during a robbery, a squeaky-voiced college boy fills in for him.

The Man I Love Trailer (1929)

25 May 1929

Wellman’s first all-talkie, scripted by Herman Mankiewicz, with arrogant boxer Richard Arlen romancing Mary Brian, then falling for temptress Olga Baclanova (Freaks) on the eve of the big fight.

Forgotten Faces Trailer (1928)

05 August 1928

A petty thief (Clive Brook) just robs the very rich at speakeasies, and gets away with it because the rich don't want the bad publicity, finally is caught and sent to Sing Sing.

The Woman Disputed Trailer (1928)

01 September 1928

An adventuress in love with an Austrian agrees to become the mistress of a Russian officer in exchange for the release of Austrian hostages.

A Dangerous Woman Trailer (1929)

16 May 1929

The commissioner of an African outpost lives with a woman who drives the white men to their deaths with her seductive ways.

Three Sinners Trailer (1928)

13 April 1928

A woman allows her husband, who she knows no longer loves her, to believe that she has been killed in a train wreck.