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Wind from East Trailer (1940)

06 June 1940

A story about a life of a small village in Western Ukraine during 30-ies.

Different Fortunes Trailer (1956)

21 September 1956

The film’s young heroes happened to be the participants of several love triangles at once. Infidel¦

The Foundling Trailer (1939)

06 June 1939

A little girl is lost in Moscow and hits the road making fun (not intentionally) of everybody she meets.

It Can Not Be Forgotten Trailer (1954)

05 July 1954

The story unfolds in a post-war town in Western Ukraine. The enemy agents are trying to subvert communist writer Aleksandr Garmash using ideological diversions.

The Ghost That Never Returns Trailer (1930)

15 March 1930

The rebel leader Jose Real is allowed to leave prison for one day to visit his family. But it is a ruse to make him reveal the whereabouts of his rebel gang.

In the Mountains of Yugoslavia Trailer (1946)

31 October 1946

After announcement that Hitler attacked Soviet Union, partisan leader Slavko Babic starts the uprising against fascist authorities on June 22, 1941.

Slippers Trailer (1945)

21 April 1945

Film-opera based on Tschaikovsky's adaptation of Gogol's story, 'Noch' pyered Rozhdestvom.'